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  1. OK, I will do your price. My mailbox is full so I can't use pms. I will have to figure out how to clean out the mailbox now.

    1. LawMan Mark, SASS #57095L

      LawMan Mark, SASS #57095L

      my email is nar235@gmail.com   send me a line and I'll give you an address for the funds.

    2. Grass Range #51406

      Grass Range #51406

      Thanks to a reply to my" help" post here I have my mailbox empty now. And I deleted all so now I can't thank whomever it was that sent the instructions on doing this.

    3. LawMan Mark, SASS #57095L
  2. OK, I had your mailing info but now have lost it. I do not understand the PM process on this site. I will be away from my computer at nights. GR

  3. Got the dies. thanks Rings. I owe you one

  4. Been out, I am thinking about the mold but do not know

  5. Dee- My problem but I do not see a message with your name and address. I am not on my computer evenings or weekends. GR

  6. I mailed a set of vaquero spur straps (free) to someone in Florida 2 years ago and have not had a thank you yet.
  7. Ms Allie Mo-Evidently my mailbox is full both incoming and outgoing. How do I clear all this? Thank you. GR

    1. Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217

      Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217

      Hi GR,


      Click your mouse on the envelope next to your name on the upper right of a screen.

      Click on the "Go to inbox" link.

      For the messages you want to delete, click the box under the sender's (it may be yours) avatar.

      A black box with a trash can and the number of selected posts will appear to the right of the messages.

      Scroll to see and add more.

      When you are finished, click the trash can.





  8. Bronc-How firm is your price? GR

    1. Bronc


      I have a buyer at the asking price.


  9. Please PM to me also. Looks like one has to be an Amazon member to be able to open from your message. gary@cmtsc.com
  10. Most of the photos are staged which means nothing. Riding with even one holstered rev in your crotch would not work
  11. I have had access problems getting on SASS site for 3 months. Asked why and got nowhere. The only way I could get to the site was find the Handbook, arrow down to page 31 and click on the website address. Then sometimes the SASS homepage will open and I can go to the forum
  12. Macon Stocks in Missouri can duplicate
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