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  1. Remember, SASS officials are your fellow competitors. I would also ask you to define fair. Personally, I stopped focusing on outcomes when I realized that outcomes could be determined by four (4) people who may not be able to see or hear anything and probably last familiarized themselves with the rules of the game in 2007. And those four (4) people may not even be on my posse!
  2. If you're going to be melting wheel weights into ingots, a good lead thermometer will be your friend. It will help you keep the temp down to where it is hot enough to melt the lead, but cold enough to not melt the zinc.
  3. Kind of a morbid question... But you know the end is near. You have just enough time to watch one last Western before you shuffle off this mortal coil. What do you watch?
  4. I'll just stick to the Big tub of cool whip, thank you. They freeze better and I can eat them with a spoon!
  5. Limited on the size of container we can have, although they just legalized growlers within the last 10-15 years. We were also just allowed high grav beer within the last five or seven years or so...
  6. Learned something new today. Thanks @Singin' Sue 71615 and @Pat Riot, SASS #13748!
  7. We have a state run ABC. We can only get in wine and liquors approved by the ABC. There's some good labels, some small batch, that we can't get in the state. Cannot have liquor shipped into the state. So, like California residents have all these sites that sell firearm accessories that won't even ship to California, we get the same thing with wine sites and such. Within the last 10 or so years we've just now been able to start brewing our own beer. Several areas still have Sunday blue laws in effect, too. We still have also several dry counties.
  8. Cuz that's illegal here too. They only started letting us brew our own beer about 10 years or so ago
  9. I get the paint and the glue, I guess... But Cool Whip? Are we trying to watch out for diabetes and keeping me from eating a frozen tub of the stuff? That's crazy!
  10. Can't help you there. But I know we're going to St Louis here soon. Probably making a stop or two of her there...
  11. Or maybe he is just not evil enough
  12. Sometimes I'm grateful that I live near the Tennessee border. Alabama's got some strange liquor laws and sometimes we can't find good stuff here in the store. Nothing that a quick jaunt across the state line can't fix.
  13. Procedural if the pistols are not holstered before the first round is fired out of the rifle SHB pg 14 SHB pg 21
  14. Those same shooters are also missing out on other membership benefits such as the Cowboy Chronicle and other communication from SASS HQ, like the recent membership satisfaction survey:
  15. TFL 77 Eye Protection Malfunctions

    What options do we have within the rules of cowboy action shooting when a competitor's eye protection malfunctions on The Firing Line?

  16. There is also something to be said for goal setting, well before you ever get to the range.
  17. No, you're @Utah Bob #35998. If I were to bet, I would say @evil bob was already taken.
  18. Actually, @Utah Bob #35998, with the inflation going on nowadays $2.59 a pound is not a bad price.
  19. Powder inc is now taking backorders for Swiss https://powderinc.com/
  20. Reading through @Griff post commenting on the SHB. I, too, some times wonder if people over complicate the SHB. When I am teaching the RO1, I often start by just taking a couple minutes and talking about the SHB, giving an overview of how it is laid out. A lot of times, that helps some folks find what they are looking for a whole lot faster.
  21. So somebody tell me the reason to use stainless steel pins over the smaller stainless pieces that are cut at a diagonal. Is it because those smaller ones could get stuck sideways in a case?
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