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  1. Before you continue down that path, I would ask you to consider this: following your "it should make the most common sense so a brand new shooter would understand it" definition, what is a "dropped firearm"?
  2. So, another suggestion for a small change for clarity may be:
  3. Just so everyone has context on what we are talking about: To @Captain Bill Burts point, as some others have previously commented, one thing that could clear up some of the confusion is the inclusion of a word in the definition, as that is how we have been told to interpret it:
  4. Or, better yet... The Fastest Chicken in the South!
  5. In the order you listed: https://www.youtube.com/BranchwaterJack https://www.youtube.com/JEDiTV https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL64DBEE0284DF6424 I would also check out our current World Champion's You Tube Channel. He has a lot of great tips there as well. https://www.youtube.com/c/DeadEyeCowboyActionShooting
  6. If I'm understanding you correctly....that only applies when the pistols are initially staged on the table...
  7. Ya. And never trust a sheep, either. Nothing but a bunch of liars!
  8. Sometimes, all someone needs to hear is a kind word, no matter who it is coming from...
  9. Similar to a rulebook and a casebook... https://cdn3.sportngin.com/attachments/document/4c44-2502132/2021-25_USAH_Playing_Rules___Casebook.pdf
  10. I hear what you're saying, but according to newly released prison records, their "situation" has been going on for a couple years.
  11. No. Officially, she left on her last day at the job. Her official retirement paperwork was never submitted to the state. When all of this started to unfold, the sheriff officially fired her with cause. Not sure how it all would have played out, but they were saying that even if she was taken alive, she was not due a retirement anymore. https://www.al.com/news/2022/05/vicky-white-fired-losing-pension-police-releasing-car-info-set-us-back-alabama-sheriff-says.html
  12. Other than changing the moving from the LT to the line with a cocked rifle rule back to a SDQ, what else is there in there that really needs changing?
  13. Part of the reason why I asked this question the way I did was I found a old, worn piece of paper while going through some items in my office. My father-in-law passed away several years ago. When we were going through his things, we found this piece of paper. The last several years of his life, he was a dialysis patient. Often, when he was doing his treatments, he would watch a western. A lifelong fan of the genre, there were so many that he knew by heart. So much so, that he was always trying to find something that he missed in those westerns that he had seen hundreds of times. One of the things he started doing was, anytime there was a cemetery in shot, he must have been pausing the video and writing down the inscriptions from all the headstones. It is something that you would never recognize in the film, usually because they went by so quickly. But, and then age of high deaf and with that pause button, my father-in-law went to task of writing them all down. And a lot of them were pretty cute. The first time I was asked to write story lines for a major match, I based them all on that piece of paper. There's 10 odd stories that I made up based on the headstone inscription that my father-in-law had written on that piece of paper.
  14. the second story reminds me of my wife's great, great grandfather. He was a scout and "spy" in the 13th Alabama Cavalry during the late unpleasantness. Before the war, and with war on the horizon, he took his horse and trained him....backwards. When he yelled woa, and pulled back on the reins, that horst would take off at a full gallop. As the story goes, he was constantly riding back and fourth through enemy lines. When he ran into enemy troops, he would pull back on the reins and appear to "try desperately to get the horse to stop!" The enemy troops, being honorable people not wanting to kill a man who could not defend himself atop a spooked horse, would not shoot him. He made it through the war and lived to tell those stories.
  15. nah...id-10T.....ID10T........idiot....it was the first error handling method we learned....just after hello world! It stuck with me ever since.
  16. Personally, I would agree with you in that, if the TO suspected that barrel could be obstructed, the shooter should be directed to ground the firearm, much the same as you would do in the case of a suspected squib.
  17. there is no penalty just because a firearm touches the "ground" there is only a penalty if the firearm was dropped. Even then, in this instance, if it was dropped (which it was not) it would have been a MDQ since it was loaded. So, for the firearm touching the ground while still in control of the shooter is not a dropped gun. If no rule is broken, no penalty should be assessed. If the pistol was cocked, then there would be a penalty for handing off the cocked revolver, but there is no indication that happened either. If the Range Officer did interfere with the progress of the shooter, a reshoot may be granted.
  18. That is why we always code in to handle the occasional id-10-T error
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