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  1. TFL 80 Knockdown Conventions



    Join me on The Firing Line for a look at S.A.S.S. conventions regarding knockdown targets.


  2. Even if the cocked revolver never left both hands completely? And they never changed from a two-handed shooting style?
  3. We're working on it, and improving all the time. If reading through the responses is any indication, this call would have been made a lot of different ways out there by different TOs.
  4. Which one? That people keep insisting that Branchwater Jack and Dudley Do-Wrong are the same person? Personally, I see where they have the same sense of style. But, other than the belt, watch, and a couple odds and ends, I just don't see the resemblance. But then again, my brothers are twins...
  5. If you are only relying on one section of the rule book to make a call, let me divert the topic to ask you another question.... At what point, after leaving the stage following the course of fire, is a shooter subject to penalty for not following unloading table procedures? But, let me pull your gravity thread. Duelist shooter. Pulls pistol with the right hand. Cocks the pistol with their right hand. Goes, "Well, I need to pull the hull." Grabs the cocked pistol with their left hand using their thumb on the top strap and fingers on the trigger guard. They are now holding the pistol with both hands. They then move their right hand from the grip of the pistol to pull the hull from their shotgun. They then reach up, grab the grip with their right hand. They are now holding the pistol with both hands. They finally release the pistol with their left hand and shoot the round with their right hand, unsupported. No call here, too, right, as the revolver "didn’t leave either of the hands or gravity would have prevailed"?
  6. SHB pg 13 The key here is not necessarily that the strong hand must remain in contact with a cocked revolver, the rule states that a cocked revolver may not be transferred from one hand to the other unless it is being loaded or reloaded. I talked with Dudley and he said that he actually did not have two hands in contact with the pistol when the pistol was cocked. The cocking hand was in contact with the support hand and not the revolver until he transferred the revolver to the cocking hand where he gripped the revolver with by the top strap and trigger guard. Then, he took back hold of the grip frame with the support hand and went back to where his off hand was resting on his support hand. Would you have allowed a duelist shooter to take their cocked revolver, transfer it to their off hand, and hold it in the same manner as Dudley in order to clear the hull? I think we agree that the penalty also applies to an unsupported shooter who draws the offhand pistol, cocks it and passes the cocked revolver from one hand to the other. However, this is a convention that applies to everyone. I'm not sure of the original intent of the rule, and I didn't run this one by anyone else...but it is making for some great conversation.
  7. What's the call? But, perhaps even more importantly, this episode just might answer the question that y'all have been asking for a while...Are Branchwater Jack & Dudley Do-Wrong secretly the same person?
  8. TFL 79 WtC? The Cocked Transition



    What's the Call?

  9. And, remember, this was for the first time he was buried....
  10. I remember seeing a lot of those places when I was a kid. Here's a link to the funeral home museum from that site. https://www.roadsideamerica.com/story/16176
  11. The other thing they had, which was pretty neat, was a "cooler." It was a temporary casket that they could fill with ice for transportation over long distances, including on the railroad.
  12. Thanks @Pat Riot, SASS #13748 and @Father Kit Cool Gun Garth for turning those pictures. And thanks to y'all for the words.
  13. They say you can never return home, although I'm here to say that maybe sometimes you can return only for a short time. I was last at this place about 32 years ago following the death of my grandfather. I return, now all that time later, to help see my grandmother to her final resting place beside him. The funeral, in St Joseph Missouri, brings me back close to a lot of time that I had spent in that area with my grandparents as a youth. I have family connections to the outlaw and some of his lore, and it is always intriguing me. Although, I probably didn't appreciate much of the historics behind it until later in life. The funeral home where my grandmother's services are this week is home to a small museum documenting and preserving many artifacts from their almost 150 years of existence. Following his murder, committed by the coward Robert Ford, The outlaw Jesse James was taken to the funeral parlor and a small basket. They also have on display The ledger documenting the services for Mr James.
  14. I remember a LONG time ago. It was like my second or third big shoot. You shot rifle a P1, hopped off the boardwalk and moved downrange, and shot pistol and shotgun. I was picking brass and the shooter, upon hopping off the boardwalk, had their loaded pistol extricate itself from the holster and wind u on the ground. Everyone was traveling with the shooter and did not notice the implement resting on the dirt. I hollered stop. Everyone turned to stare at me. One person looked at me, "the new guy" and started to say something about you should not say that. Now you messed up the shooter and they get a reshoot. Then they noticed my hand and finger pointing at the shiny object sitting on the ground and the realization of why I said what I said sunk in. I learned a couple things that day, at least of which was probably a better way of handling that situation.
  15. But, then again, how many other self-created safety issues do we currently award reshoots to the shooter for?
  16. Should we do the same if the shooter started the stage without shotshells on their belt?
  17. Citristrip works well for removing the finish...and does not smell too bad...
  18. Believe it or not, we actually filmed this episode before April... There are times when a topic comes up and I smile just knowing the timing is off...
  19. Speaking of the tgs.. I know some that are great, I know others that are the TG just because they are the land owner or the oldest guy or voted as most popular at the club, and everything in between. I do question the relevancy of the TGs today.
  20. FL practice death in 2005 https://www.ocala.com/story/news/2005/12/18/man-killed-in-accident-at-shooting-range/31144309007/
  21. Known of a couple folks who had to have splatter removed professionally.
  22. TFL 78 What the DNF?

    When is it correct to score a competitor with a DNF on a stage? Join me on The Firing Line for a look at this frequently misunderstood aspect of cowboy action shooting scoring.

  23. It premiers May 25 at 8:00 central. To keep up with all the content we offer, be sure to subscribe to the Branchwater Jack channel on YouTube. You can also ring the notification bell to be alerted when new content is posted.
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