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  1. HK, sounds like a problem I had with my 32-20. Condensed version. Bought a '73 (original), in 1966 for $65.00. Shot it off an on and bought ammo for it when I could. Bought ammo for it whenever and from whoever had it. Fast foward, joined SASS in '96 shot 44-40. Around 2002-3 , my LGS owner went to the SHOT show. Told her if she could order a pair of 32-20 SAA's, order a pair for me 4-5 months later they come in. OK, now I've got to start reloading for it. I've got between 300-350 empty's from shooting my '73 over the years. Order bullets and about 300 new Starline cases. I grab a handful of the old cases and a few Starline. I load about 50-60. Get out the range can't shoot a full mag without jamming. Get home measure loads ,,, all ok. At range again (2-4 mos. later) , same thing. Get back home, measure again, same thing,,, scratching head ,,, wait, check case o.a.l. . Seperate by headstamp , WOW ,,, each company had a different case o.a.l., Winchester, Remington, UMC, etc, all had a different length. Starline was the shortest. I'm NOT turning all those down by hand. Hit up ebay , find a used Lyman electric trimmer ,clean it up, order a couple of parts and I'm good to go. Turn them all down to Starline length, load them up and ,,,All,,,,, is ,,,,,, good. Haven't had a problem since. YMMV, Isom
  2. I tried the 78 grainers in my 32-20's. I'd been using the 115gr.'s. They worked ok in my pistols, no noticable difference in recoil. Problem in the rifle was, they kept jamming ,,,,,, hard to get cartridge oal .Win.(Uberti) '73. I only loaded about 100 out of 500. Sold what was left and went back to the 115 gr. bullets. Didn't use any in a match, just experimented. Unique was the powder. YMMV, Isom
  3. Dan, I bought a pair back in '03, only because I couldn't find any 38-40 OMV's in blue. I don't like shiny guns. One shot pretty good poi/poa, the other one you had to hold about 3-4 ft. off to the right to hit I was on the dark side ( they had cookies).But,,,,,,, I lucked into a pair of Colts 3-4 years later, used them while looking for a pair of OMV's in .357 to convert to 38-40. Found them , got them converted, said I'd switch up between the Colts and OMV's. But I'd been shooting the Colts for so long I'd gotten used to them, so, I stuck witth the Colts for about ten years. But did shoot the OMV's once and a while. It worked out ok. When you say "waiting on your smith to make the barrels", are you having brand new barrels made ?? I just had the .357 barrels bored and rifled, worked great for me. YMMV, have fun. Isom
  4. Bob, if you'll hit the thrift shops, you might find a used, broken but repairable food dehydrator. That's what I did, and about an hour and they're dry ,,,,,, pins too. I glued some wire screen on one for the pins. Works great, YMMV, Isom
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