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  1. Is that a blued or octagon barrel with the in the white receiver??

  2. Hey Johnny. God t hear from you... OK  Done deal. It's yours.................Thanks  RT

  3. I’ll be at WR this year. Maybe one of your pards could handle the deal up here for you

  4. Howdy Bullett.  Have you come to any decision on the trade? Do you have any more questions or require anymore pictures? 

    Thanks for your interest............RT

  5. Dee Mak...... I still have the grip frames and triggers and hammer sets for those guns. iF YOU WANT TO RESTORE THEM TO ORIGINAL i WOULD TRADE THEM BACK TO YOU FOR THE BISLEY PARTS.


    Just a thought. Maybe originals would sell better for you...Regards..RT

  6. Hey Mohawk. Had a chance to shoot with KC Woody a couple weeks ago. Great guy. He made a pistol shop on a side match, with a fixed site pistol, that was like the shot in the Magnificent 7 where the guy was riding over the ridge  and Colburn shot him.  GREAT SHOT!!!!  Guess you guys down under don't need rifles....


    Hope all is well with you..  Regards  RT



  7. Sir, I don't have a lot of money currently but I can scrape together $900 if you need the cash. I'm not a low baller just short of funds. No insult intended. Just trying to help.......Regards

  8. Slick, If I wanted to re-barrel a couple of blued/cc 357's with bras sights and octagon  what is the cost blued vs ss with brass sites

  9. I have a set of Dark Brown holsters with silver studs for $110 if you want them. I can send pics if you send me your email. Not good at posting pics here.......  RT


    My email is  prlucky299@aol.com

  10. Cody, just a quick FYI (no disrespect) a 12 stage main match with a 4 stage mini match and speed rifle side match will exceed 200 rounds easy if you play a lot with the side matches........Just  saying.......RT

  11. Sure I can wait.....Any idea what the price point will be??  Thanks  RT

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