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  1. For my two cents, TG’s are like the members elected to the House of Representatives. I’m from Montana, we have one representative. He has one vote same as Nancy P one TG one vote period. My hat is in the TG ring because I am willing to bring the voice of my club to the meeting and represent their voice. What I’m asking for is an agenda and time and place to cast my vote. I asked if the Winter Range scheduled meeting had an agenda, read the post, nothing submitted. I voted in favor of the TG Convention hoping it comes to light. If not then I suggest we formalize a meeting at one of the big shoots be it Winter Range, End of the Trail or whatever just formalize it, put out an agenda and topics to vote on and Lord willing I will be there. Thank you
  2. Oracle,

    You ole reprobate, it's good to hear from you. What have you been up to lately?

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