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  1. Here in Tennessee, we'd figure someone had just a little too much 'Splo', if ya know what I mean. And if they happen to get 'kissed' by ole Mr Rattler, it won't matter cause they already have enough anti-venom in their system to negate any poison from the kiss. ..........Widder
  2. I'd like to know WHO reached down in his hole and pulled him out..... ..........Widder
  3. Just a reminder: Removing metal from the front of the safety bar might render it ineffective if you ever change triggers again. ...........Widder
  4. RIFLE: I'm bout the same as most folks..... 3-4 seconds PISTOL: have no idea SG: I have been timed in the .8 range from the belt, usually no more than 1.1 ..........Widder
  5. As others have stated..... Yep. Just drop it in on top of the carrier. ..........Widder
  6. Mtn Man, that is a good video. Thanks. YES, I think you found your issue. If it were mine, I would remove a few .000's of metal off the back of the trigger that is bumping that lever safety. If you want to TEST your rifle to insure that is the problem, all you have to do is remove the trigger/lever safety and then cycle the rifle without that safety in the rifle. If it is indeed the problem, you can file or polish some metal off the back of the trigger OR the front edge of the safety. Your option. But removing metal from the safety bar
  7. "Love my new Dillon blue powder charger"..... ..........Widder
  8. MTN MAN, Your explanation does sound reasonable. In a nut shell, that safety block can prevent movement in the trigger, which is something I was thinking about. Anyhow, here is my email and I will be glad to look it over. Thanks. widder1894@icloud.com ..........WIdder
  9. Mtn Man, if I read your situation correctly, it sounds like your trigger might be sitting 'to tight' in its position and is not pivoting at all to help allow the hammer to rotate against it. 1. Before doing anything, visually look at the rifle and make sure the bottom of the trigger is not rubbing on the trigger guard. 2. Take 2 aspirin and call me at: 865 / 696-1996. EDIT: another thought is that your trigger return spring is not sitting in it correct position against the trigger. Not sure this is the cause, but it don't hurt
  10. Chili, might I ask what is your definition of '9 lite'? I've never seen nor heard of any, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I have reloaded some good practice stuff but its a 115 grain slug at around 1000 fps. Some of my more robust stuff is 125 grain with measurable more V-los-Sa-T, if you know what I mean. ..........WIdder
  11. HeyBob, A good many GF'ers and Duelist have switched to the SBH hammers and love them. BUT, for the Traditional style shooter (thumb'rs), Many of those that I know still prefer the original style/profile hammer. Just wanted to pass along some general info about those hammers. They do make a difference. Good luck. ..........Widder
  12. If you find someone who collects the cans, you can always dump the powder and easily ship those empties. ..........Widder
  13. Instead of teaching those guys how to reload and get involved in CAS, maybe you outta teach your daughter how to shoot glass balls off a Christmas tree. Then tell her next fiance about her special 'marksmanship' as a warning against having any affairs..... ..........Widder
  14. From past memories, there seems to be a 'majority' of members on both sides that are very cautious about voting for new, permanent type gun laws. Some of the more liberal, mouthy members get media attention, but when it gets down to subcommittees and actual voting, many are not to comfortable voting for new gun laws, etc. On the other hand, I can see where ammo might get taxed higher, using some well meaning efforts to spend the extra 'gun tax' revenue as an excuse to raise taxes. Anyhow, thats my .02 ..........Widder
  15. I'm in deep trouble cause mine is during the first part of March..... ..........Widder
  16. Shane to Jack Wilson: "You're a low down Yankee Lair". ..........Widder
  17. I turn 70 in March. Heaven knows I don't need a new job. What all I can share with them should only take a couple weeks. P.S. - anyone want on the priority list for a new Model 39? ..........Widder
  18. For the record, a Remington official (not the CEO) contacted me TWICE. That official informed me during our 2nd email exchange that he passed along my name and some information to his superiors. He stated that his superiors indicated little interest in talking to me. I will admit that I indicted in my 2nd response to them that I had little interest in trying to help them fix their problems that they refused to admit having. In my 2nd email, I also shared with them about a 'new' Marlin I had worked on that had 11 QA problems which needed to be addressed if t
  19. Pat, I would have started giving out THEIR phone numbers to those fellers complementing you on your 'nice truck', inviting them to 'call sometime'. ..........Widder
  20. That would be like going to a professional barber for dental work... That was probably WHY Remington couldn't produce a quality rifle..... to many 'professional engineers' and not anyone who actually knows and understands the inner workings of the Marlin. ..........Widder
  21. I would guess the Model 39 might very well be a priority on their list. If they can establish some credibility with the 39 (A & M), they'll feel more confident spending time and resources on the 1894, 336 and 1895. Just my thoughts because that is what I would do. When the 39 can establish a reputation to be smooth, accurate and dependable as the long forgotten Winchester 9422, then Ruger would have hit a grand slam in the lever market, in which Henry would have a hard time in comparison. ..........Widder
  22. Hollow Point: restricted Hollow Base: ? One of the most popular bullets for a long time is the .38 caliber, 148 gr Hollow Base Wadcutter. Would that also be restricted and forbidden to use? ..........Widder
  23. Howdy KID. My lube test probably ain't as good as your test, but I do a similar test. I put a couple drops of oil(s) that I'm testing on an aluminum pan in the summer time and let it 'set' for a couple days. AND..... I put a couple drops on the tip of a Q-Tip. After a couple days, I check those drops in the pan to see if they have gummed up, evaporated, or if they still have ANY lubricity in them. And then I roll the Q-tips on my finger nails under the light to see if they show any lube characteristics. That is why I like Strike Hold as a
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