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  1. Agree. My dad was 16 when Pearl was bombed. Before he turned 18, his mother signed for him to join the Navy. He was on the USS Blackhawk. I don't know where he was when an explosion occurred near him and put shrapnel in his back and the Navy discharged him on a disability. Can you imagine a 16 year old TODAY going into the military under war like conditions? FOUR-EYE BUCK: Salute to Adone Calderone. And thanks for posting that story. ..........Widder
  2. And when you croak, you surely don't want anyone pouring creamer on your wee wee. ..........Widder
  3. I've only had the opportunity to shoot the "Hell Fire" match twice and BOTH times were fun. I really enjoyed the folks, the hospitality, and the match scenarios were great for this GF. Wish I could make it this year but some 'physical impairments' are keeping me close to the Bunkhouse this year. Slick McClade is a great host. Ifn ya ain't ever been there, ya really need to tighten up ye spurs, saddle up and hit the road to Louisiana. Who knows, ya might even make a life long friend there. I did. ..........Widder
  4. A lot of fools don't have any money. ..........Widder
  5. I've overcome my prejudices and judgement on people by just not liking anyone and everyone..... Actually and honestly, I figure many of the folks I meet and get to know probably don't like me and I've accepted that. It helps me to get along better with everyone knowing they have a keen sense of perception..... ..........Widder
  6. Savvy Jack, Your #4: you have to take into consideration the integrity of the brass. There could very well be a 'strong', more resilient thin brass that would actually make it 'better' for its intended purpose. In other words, the thinner base of the .44 mag could actually be stronger, or have greater integrity, than the thicker brass of the .44-40 depending upon how its made, the inclusion of other alloys, etc...... ..........Widder
  7. If I had a carrier problem, I would decide on what the problem might actually be and then get IT fixed accordingly before I would buy a new carrier, stainless or otherwise. 1. If the washer has worked loose and/or fallen off, (and maybe lost the plunger stud), I would get a new plunger stud kit from Slick McClade. If you've still got the plunger stud, you can use a small portion of a ball point pin and secure it back with a 1/8" E-clip. 2. if you timing ramp has worn and is bad, send it to Gunner. If you want your rifle to be reliable with short OAL ammo, send the carrier to Gunner. Short OAL ammo requires a slightly lifted ramp of just a few .000's. Just a couple helpful thoughts. ..........Widder
  8. No, its not that simple because you ask 2 questions. First, you ask how do folks determine the strength of a case. Secondly, you ask your readers to choose the case they felt was the .44 magnum, of which I did not choose any of them. Web thickness can help to determine the strength of a case, but it doesn't tell me which case was the .44 mag because the manufacturers 'specs' for their brass can vary depending upon caliber. Just because a case is headstamped as 'Magnum' doesn't mean it has a thicker web than a case without the magnum designation. I didn't pick any of those cases because I didn't have a clue which was which based on that picture. Sorry. ..........Widder
  9. Of the FEW folks who might subject the 'strength of case' into their reloading process, I would say its determined by reputation because 999 out of 1000 reloaders probably don't know how strong their brass might be. BUT, one of the determining factors of that reputation is the number of usages a reloader can get before the case starts showing signs of weakness. As for actual strength of a case, I 'think' its determined by the thickness of the web. I shoot a lot of HOT .45 Colt loads but I don't use .45 Colt brass. I use .454 Casull brass that has been trimmed down to .45 Colt length. The .454 uses small primers and therefore, its web area is much thicker to help keep its integrity under higher pressures. ..........Widder
  10. Duster Snodnerly. ..........Widder
  11. Comment and QUESTION: there are MANY good flashlights that function well with AA and AAA batteries, etc. And for their intended usages, they can't be beat. But many of those type flashlights seem to be limited to 50 to 250 Lumens. Sometimes, there are those with a little more power ratings. BUT..... are these flashlights really considered a 'Tactical' type flashlight? Wouldn't a 'Tactical' flashlight have a rating of 500+ Lumens? I'm just curious as to what some folks would consider 'Tactical' because that is what Marauder is asking about. ..........Widder
  12. At 69, I can't complain about any lack of speed. But, I sure would like to have my eye sight I had 20-30 years ago. If I could dream to shoot like someone else, it would probably be someone like Jerry Miculek and Cisco, of which I do not know his real name. ..........Widder
  13. On numerous episodes of Gunsmoke, Rifleman, Bonanza, and even Hogans Heroes, there is snow in the scenery, along with actors wearing jackets and heavy coats. QUESTION: were these movies made in Hollywood and if so, did they really have cool/cold weather and snow? Just curious. Thanks. ..........Widder
  14. TN Williams is a sucker for anything..... "Widder Weather Rock"....... say that 3 times without getting tongue tied. TN may have agreed to buy that weather rock for $100, but I ain't seen it yet, nor doubt I ever will. ..........Widder
  15. Now we can talk real meat. Rated at approx 3200 Lumens: Streamlight ProTac HL5 -X. I own one and REALLY love its light output and beam projection. Rated at appox 2000 Lumens: Streamlight Stinger 2020. This is NEW on the market and I have ordered one but haven't got it yet. Rated at appox 1000 Lumens: Streamlight Pro Tac HL3. I own one of these also and although considered a compact style light (about 8" long and 1.25" wide) it sure puts out a dandy light force, worthy of serious considerations. I don't own a Surefire but their reputation speaks for itself. Good luck. ..........Widder
  16. Texas Joker poised a good question and something to consider. Marauder, its possible to 'over lumen', or have a light with too much lumen output. Here's an example: I have a few Streamlight flashlights. A couple of 1000 lumen lights and one of their 3200 Lumen lights. Now that little baby will light up the night. And I have one of their TLR handgun lights with 800 Lumen. Here's the 'catch 22' situation with 'over lumen'. In my house at night, its reasonably dark. We have a couple night lights but nothing to keep inside the house lit up. But when I turn on my TLR with its 800 lumens, its reflection off our walls is blinding..... TO ME. Waking up at night and shining that TLR will not only blind the person being aimed at but also the person shining the light. Its a very good 'white' light and in my opinion, 500 lumens would be a better light for such usage than 800 or 1000 lumens, especially when the light is a good 'white' light. Let us know what you find. ..........Widder
  17. I REALLY like the Streetlight brand. Check out their website for some good info. They have a new one called the Stinger 2020. Plus, they have some great lights that attach to pistol picatinny rails. ..........Widder
  18. Which 'snakes' are you referring..... the reptilian species or the congressional species? ..........Widder
  19. TRIM new brass: NO Chamfer/Deburr new brass: YES, especially for my semi auto reloads. ..........Widder
  20. Unbelievable. Fantastic. Extraordinary. Such a gift should bring him a lot of notoriety. Heck, I have trouble whittling a tooth pick. ..........Widder
  21. SHANE, there are numerous Cowboys who have a tendency to carry 'extra' power/extra shot ammo with them that enhance their chances of getting multiple targets down with one shot. So don't be to hard on yeself for having to make extra shots. I use AA's low noise/low recoil ALL the time and I also have to make multiple shots on target setups such as you described. AND, there are a fair amount of Cowboys who seem to knock em all down with one shot. Good luck on whatever method you decide. This I will share with you: if your misses were high, you probably need to focus on keeping your cheek down on the stock. And if your slam firing your 97, point LOW on the targets. For many of us, slam firing our 97 has a tendency to make the shotgun to rise a little just as the action closes and fires. Check out my videos on shooting the 97, which are on YouTube and titled: 'Widowmaker Shotgun Dryfire'. There are 3 of them. ..........Widder
  22. Howdy Kid Rich. TN Williams actually has a DQ 'budget' fixed into his monthly expense. But it varies depending upon weather conditions and such. If its 60 degrees and above, his budget becomes a 'flexible spending account' of which items like food and clothing allowances are restricted for his family. If its below 60 degrees, its a 'fixed' account which allows him a DQ treat about 3-4 times a week. Unknown to many folks is his contract agreement with his employer. He has a COLA built into his pay each year PLUS any cost increase for DQ treats. If DQ increases the cost of a nanner split by 5%, he gets a pay increase immediately based on the increase of the DQ cost. AND, also included in the contract is if DQ were to close down any of their local franchises, he get free medical care to help overcome withdrawal problems. Your eagerness to become involved with TN Williams and DQ expenses may reveal that you indeed are a brave man. But there have been many of brave man who have absolutely no perception in judging friends or character..... ..........Widder
  23. This is the 1st time I've seen TN smiling without wearing his DQ bib or a spoon in his hand. Dave..... I hope you had a great time and sorry I didn't get to meet you. Y'all come back now, hear! ..........Widder
  24. Heck, mine don't even have a front sight. Causes too much wind drag when trying to move fast..... ..........Widder
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