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  1. We are assuming that the adult female in this story is the Mother, but Trigger Mike only referred to her as his Wife. Anyhow, I agree with Pat Riot in that the leaders should have approached the parents with this situation. and as JEDI Calico Mary stated, it does sound kinda 'hinky' (whatever that is) ..........Widder
  2. Hey MAX, I also saw Blackfish Kid using that electronics cleaner at a match. So, I went out and got me a couple cans and it does work very well. I also use brake cleaner and other good designated Gun cleaning products and lubes. ..........Widder
  3. I was once told that I was an over protective Dad. Well...... yes indeed. That's what we are suppose to do. And the size of our protective umbrella is dependent upon age, maturity, imminent danger situation, etc... of our surroundings. And at age 21, I was still doing things that might help protect my daughter when I bought her a handgun to carry and paid for her carry classes and license fee for TN. I agree with Cat on this one. T.Mike - I don't agree with your thoughts on a fool and working for free..... ..........Widder
  4. Smokestack, I'm confused. A top 10 finish warrants a shooter to be in the Renegade category the following month. This part I understand. But, when you state the top 5 in each category gets an award, the only category will be the Mens/Ladies Renegade category.....correct? Are other yearly category winners be awarded even though they may not have qualified for the Renegade Category? ..........Widder
  5. Here is why I like Clean Shot: In my Chronograph test this past summer, here are my results. Per Wire rules, I can't list my powder charges but they were basically 'good' loads. My pistol is the SIG P320 with the 4.7" barrel. Berry's 115 grain plated: (5-shots) 1148, 1150, 1155, 1159, 1161 Avg vel - 1154 deviation in velocity: only 13 fps Scarlett's 124 grain lead: (10 shots) 1010, 1017, 1019, 1022, 1022, 1024, 1029, 1029, 1035, 1043 Avg vel= 1025 fps deviation in velocity= 26 fps My Power Pistol results were also VERY satisfying. Although I listed my a
  6. Probably the same things were said about the Wright Bros, Chuck Yeager, John Glenn, etc....... ..........Widder
  7. I reload for the 9mm but I must admit my component testing has been limited. But, of the powders I have tried, I REALLY like CLEAN SHOT. I buy my supplies from Scarlett Darlin, who owns 'Clarks bullets by Scarlett'. I also use her 124 gr. lead bullets and Berry's plated bullets in the 115 gr weight. Hope this helps a little. ..........Widder
  8. Prayers up for good health and smart doctors. Get well PWB. ..........Widder
  9. When those Clydesdales start pulling the wagon thru the snow and all lit up with holiday decorations. ..........Widder
  10. YEP, we are a peculiar breed. I kinda faced the same situation the first few years shooting my Marlin with folks who had some fancy 73's. Wew, I loved those 73's in both their looks and functioning. And nearly all my shooting Pards were nudging me to dump the Marlin and get a nice 73. BUT, for some reason, I just couldn't shoulder one of them as well as I could my 1894 Marlin. Sooooo, I stuck with my Marlin. And to this day, I still shoot my Marlin, which will perform as well as any 73 on the firing line. ..........Widder
  11. If elcoholic is referring to ACTUAL caliber, the .38 is a .35 caliber (.357) ..........Widder
  12. Interesting. I have put 4 or 5 of those 'Trigger Happy' triggers in my 1894's with NO issues. One thing to consider: when your lever is up to the point of touching your 'Trigger Block', your bolt safety lug is already in position to secure the bolt from flying backwards. And, if you are using the factory 2 piece trigger system, the bolt safety lug has probably not fully aligned the rear portion with the front portion. And there are other items within the design of the 1894 Marlin that help minimize an OOB occurrence. If I still needed another Trigger Happy, I would buy
  13. I wish EVERYONE realized that a Nevada Sweep can start on ANY target, including the middle. You don't know how many times I have been told that a Nevada Sweep 'HAS' to start on an end target....ugh... I can see where a shooter could earn a 'P' on that stage, but I'm not so sure its a 'P' trap. ..........Widder
  14. Wyatt, there are many great/good TO's that haven't taken refresher courses in over 2 years. If your posse thinks enough of you to ask your assistance in running the Timer during the day, then I'm sure you still have the right stuff to do the task. Its a 'tall order', but I'm sure you are up to the task (pun intended... hehehehe) ..........Widder
  15. Navy had more players on the sideline so a recount should be acceptable. Navy was ahead before the final moments of the game. Everybody was sure Navy would win before the actual game started. A recount sounds right to me ......... NOT ! ..........Widder
  16. MISTLETOE. The leaves fall from the trees and clinging in the tops of some trees is a clump of Mistletoe. We usually take a .22 rifle or SG and blow a clump of em out of the trees. Thats how you tell its Christmas time..... ..........Widder
  17. Although my handling of a Henry BB is minimal, I will say this: it just doesn't have the feel IF the user is wanting to be competitive. I even worked on one (to some degree) and tried to make it 'feel' competitive, reliable, smooth, etc... Well, I could get it to function reasonably quick, but it still lacked the reliability and smoothness needed to enjoy shooting with it. Thats from my personal experience. ..........Widder
  18. And 2 BIG blonds are best! ..........Widder
  19. Howdy Pit. If you are wanting a shell holder to use with the LEE hand primer, then NO, they are not the same, unless Lee has changed their design. BUT, if you are wanting a shell holder to use with a reloading press, the appropriate shell holder for that caliber is 'BASICALLY' the same. The reason I say 'Basically' is because some shell holders might set your cartridge higher/lower than another shell holder. In other words, if you set your die up for a particular bullet seating depth OR crimp using a particular brand of shell holder, switching brands of shell holder could poss
  20. When you live in a WidderWonderLand, the gremlins are: Pecan Pie and Guns. I've already indulged in Pecan Pie, with more planned during the next couple weeks. Plus, I've ordered me a new Browning Buckmark 'Field Target'. Its the 5.5" round BULL barrel model with real wood grips. I already have the 4" model 'Carbon Fiber' that is outstanding. I also have a constant craving for Chili & Tamale..... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ! ..........Widder
  21. Its didn't mention anything about the mules/horses on the front of the wagon. Where do you think they got their fresh meats? ..........Widder
  22. Pards, thanks for the info. I have since checked out those websites and other info and discovered information like the post above. Dang, that was a HUGE and deadly task, for ALL involved. ..........Widder
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