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  1. MAX,


    my wife, daughter and I were at Red Lobster a while back.


    After my daughter ordered her meal and the waiter left the table, I ask my daughter why she only ordered a "piece of shrimp and a salad"?


    She said.... "Daddy, I ordered their PEACE BRANDY SHRIMP and SCALLOPS".


    YEP, word recognition can sometimes be humorous. Just make sure nobody tells any 'duck' jokes around you.....




  2. The VA supplies mine.


    They are the PHONAK brand.


    The body of the hearing aid is behind my ear with the molded ear piece inside, as close to my ear drum as possible.


    I'm not only hindered by most frequencies & decibels but also word recognition. Even when my volume is up high, over 60% of words I hear sound garbled.




  3. Black Powder .38-40, 185 RNFP, Goex 3F

    Black Powder .45 Colt, 270 RNFP, Goex 3F


    Smokless get More Complete data on the box ...


    All loads have their data written in the record book including things like, velocity , SD. ,Group size, Etc...



    Jabez Cowboy


    Howdy Jabez.


    Although I don't keep a 'record' of group size, I do keep some of the more important targets that show both good and bad grouping of certain powders. This helps me from buying the 'inaccurate' stuff and wasting my time in the future.


    One other thing I have done with my 'Pairs' of pistols is Chronograph EACH pistol.


    I have one set of Ruger Vaq. that actually have a velocity difference of about 25 fps with identical loads. And my Chronograph results were consistent with varies powders and bullet weights.

    One pistol just has a higher velocity average than the other pistol.




  4. I normally put a card inside the box showing bullet weight/type and Powder charge.


    EXAMPLE for my .45 Colt stuff:


    300 Speer GDHP

    18.5 LilGun




    I also keep a folder for each caliber showing Chrono results, date, temperature.... and I also distinguish Rifle or Pistol and barrel length....etc...




  5. Howdy Pat Riot.


    If you decide on either the 92 or the Marlin 94, either will serve your needs in digesting HOT loads.


    I have a 16.25" Marlin 1894 in .45 Colt that I shoot some HOT stuff out of.


    I took some .454 Casull brass and trimmed em back to .45 Colt length. The .454 Casull brass uses Small Rifle Primers.


    Using LilGun powder and 250-300 grain slugs, my 16.25" Marlin will produce velocities and power equal to a hot .454 Casull in a 7" barrel.


    I mention this because if you use .45 Colt brass and start to experience split brass, you'll have a good option in using .454 Casull brass trimmed back to .45 Colt length.

    I have found the .454 brass to be little bit tougher, especially down in the web area, which is one of the reasons for it being made to use Small Primers (rifle or pistol). I prefer Rifle.


    Good luck in your choices.




  6. RP rewards mediocre shooting as far as I'm concerned





    I'll add another thought to that.


    A fast runner enters a big track meet. This is a rank point track meet.


    The contest consist of 5 individual laps around the track. Each lap is timed and runners rest alittle between each lap before the whole group starts another lap.


    Runner #1 burns on the first 4 laps while the rest of the runners walk fast. Runner #1 ends each lap about 30 seconds ahead of the fastest walker.


    On the last portion of the whole track meet, Runner #1 takes off in another fast run, falls and twist an angle. All the other runners decide to finally JOG around the track and some of them come in ahead of Runner #1.


    The fastest Jogger wins the overall track meet.....not the fastest runner.




  7. Howdy Griff.


    For the whole match, most of the top 5 or 6 shooters were consistent within their realm of efficiency. If I recall correctly, each one of them had a miss. My total time was better than anyone. My miss just happen to cost me the most rank points on that particular stage.


    I did finish 2nd Overall. If my memory serves me well, the Top Gun for the match placed 2nd on the 4 stages that I won and 1st place on the stage where I had a miss. My miss costed me more rank points than his miss.


    My thoughts are that consistency can have its variables also.




  8. ...I have beaten a fellow shooter on 7 of 10 stages , had two less misses ,been less than 1/2 second slower than him on 3 stages and 63 seconds faster on total time and he beat me in RANK Points !!!!

    I guess he was more CONSISTENT than me, in being slower shooting and missing more ...


    If this is the Consistancey that rank point rewards ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Then RANK really is a Great discription of this method of scoring ...


    Jabez Cowboy

    Howdy Jabez.


    about 2 years back, I was at a 5 stage monthly match.


    I won 4 of the stages. I had a miss on one of the stages that the top 10 shooters didn't have a miss. BUT, those top 10 shooters did have a miss on other stages.


    Anyhow, I earned 11 rank points on that stage for a total of 15 rank on the day (best of my memory).


    I placed 2nd to the shooter who ranked with 8 or 10 points and only won 1 of those stages.


    I agree with you that sometimes, consistency isn't the name of the game but rather the point and time your inconsistency happens determines the size of its ill effects (I hope I stated that right. Sounds to phylosophical to me).... :)




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