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  1. I've read where Desmond Doss was an ARMY medic.


    I thought during the movie, a couple lines from his Sergeant mentioned 'The Corp'.

    Which made me think he was in the Marines.


    ALSO, I wasn't aware of any ARMY activity on Okinawa, where Desmond Doss served so valiantly.


    Question: Was he a medic in the ARMY or a Corpman for a Marine Battalion?




  2. Congratulations . It appears to me that it will be hard to get a 2017 pard with a resume even close to yours.


    By the way, many decades ago, I competed in pistol at Dartmouth. Is there a CAS range anywhere near Hanover?

    Mud Marine: there was atleast one other nominee being considered with some mighty good credentials, which will be in the running for 2017.


    SASS is blessed with some Pards with various experiences and accomplishments. Likewise, the JEDI GF ranks also have some very impressive members.


    Merry Christmas.




  3. The JEDI Councils pick for JEDI GF of the Year 2016 is:




    You won't believe this resume, which extends way beyond SASS and CAS.


    Joined SASS in 2000.

    Started FCGF in 2006.

    SASS REGULATOR in 2011.

    He created the JEDI GF website around 2012 or 2013. And continues to keep it updated and maintained.




    He's been a world-class rifle shooter back in 1966-96 in 10M air rifle, 50M smallbore Free Rifle Prone, 50M small bore Free Rifle 3-position, 300M Free Rifle and 300M Standard Rifle representing the USA on the US Shooting Team winning 19 medals in World Championships, Pan American Games, etc...


    He also shot Service Rifle and helped win the National Trophy 3 times.

    He was a 4-time All American at Tennessee Tech and then was the East Tennessee State University Rifle Coach for 6 years, AND...Chairman of the NCAA Rifle Committee.


    He worked for the US Shooting Team at the NRA in Washington, DC. and later in Colorado Springs, CO at the US Olympic Training Center. And for a short time, he was on the US Olympic Committee board.


    He went full time Cowboy Shooting in 2000 up in New Hampshire shooting Duelist.


    In 2006, he switched to FCGF.

    He has won numerous FCGF category competition at the New Hampshire State and Regionals in the Northeast.


    DeadHead has won belt buckles as a SrGF at Winter Range in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

    DeadHead has created and run websites for:

    White Mountain Regulators

    Harvard Ghost Riders

    Pemi Valley Peacemakers

    Verdant Mountain Vigilantes

    Circle K Regulators

    Northeast Western Shooters

    Connecticut Valley Bushwackers

    Ledyard Sidewinders

    Danvers Desperados

    AND..... a couple others.


    One of his most valuable websites is www.northeastcas.com.

    He created this to help shooters in the New England find out which clubs have CAS activities and also compile all the club shoots into a consolidated list of CAS shoots to show WHAT, WHEN and WHERE is going on at any given weekend (www.northeastcas.com/CASdates.htm.


    He runs and enters scores for the SASS New Hampshire State and SASS Northeast Regional.

    He has run the 200 & 300 yard Single Shot Long Range Shoots October to March since 2004.

    And he is the SASS Club contact for the White Mountain Regulators of New Hampshire.


    WHEW..... I hope I've covered most everything.


    These type activities surely raise the bar for the Yearly JEDI GF recognition.


    Thanks DEADHEAD, for all you do. AND.........



    On behalf of the JEDI Council.... Jed I Knight, Possum Skinner, Widder, Badlands Bud (whom I have been unable to reach),






  4. I can't speak for Remington/Marlin, but I can understand why they have the bolts listed as a restricted item.


    When replacing a bolt, you're are also dealing with headspace, appropriate functioning of the lever/bolt movement/safety locking lug, which has its timing function to raise & drop in a timely manner in order for smooth movements of the bolt and help ensure proper headspace.


    There's just so much that interconnects inside the 1894. Thats why just a small 'crack' or metal fatigue in one little area is causing problems with the rifle functioning correctly and smoothly.


    There's been some real good info in this thread and I've enjoyed reading them as much as anyone. Thanks!




  5. Here's another thought:


    If the plan to weld and reshape that area doesn't seem to work out well, I think I would take a file into that slot and clean it up by making that area flat. THEN, stick it back in the rifle to see if it works well.


    There are issues to be considered in doing this work. If the lever isn't able to push the bolt forward in a timely manner, the bolt locking lug will bump the bottom of the bolt before it can push up into its recess under the bolt.


    Its highly possible that Rem/Marlin will replace that bolt free and ensure the new bolt functions well.


    Remington is now producing a new 1894 Marlin in .45 Colt and I think the new bolt design might be an improvement over the previous design.


    I hope to try one out in the near future.




  6. OK-THX. I was looking on the surface of the bolt and not inside the notch.

    Never seen this issue before. What's your take on corrective action?



    Hey Lumpy.


    My original comment to Shootin Fox was to contact Remington/Marlin and see if they can put a new bolt in his .45


    From my experience, not ALL parts are easily interchangeable and he might be wasting his money just to buy a new bolt that might now work well in his rifle.


    Shootin Fox is a very knowledgable Pard on the Marlin rifle, plus if he thinks he can get it welded, he can probably machine it back correctly. That might be his first choice of correcting that issue.


    He examined the lever also and it appears to be fine, with no apparent issues that caused that part of his bolt to 'break' (or crack).


    Hey Lumpy, you're a good Marlin mechanic also. What do you think would be a good fix?


    More good input from knowledgable Wire Pards will certainly be appreciated by Shootin Fox.


    And, as Big Iron Patnode suggested, I think its a good idea to contact Boomstick and see if he can help.


    Have a great day.



    ..........Widder (walkin in a WidderWonderLand)

  7. I guess we can be glad we're not from Madagascar. I had a doc call in a script for a student from there some years ago. He said get your pen, it's the longest name you ever heard, I'd say he was right! We have a family at my church from there, their names are LOOOOOOONNNGGG!



    Remember the old Amos & Andy TV show?


    Do remember the lawyer name..... Fleetwood Algonquin J. Calhoun, 'the Third'?


    He was also known as 'Five Percent Calhoun' because of his fees for representation.




  8. Hey Lumpy.


    The area that is damaged is located at the upper end of the slot (looking at the pic above).


    The problem area looks like a 'punched hole' right at the edge of the ramp at the slot.


    Apparently, its in an area where the edge of the lever makes contact with the slot when the action is closed. Or atleast thats my assessment.


    I talked with Shootin Fox and I think he does have an issue that needs to be fixed. Its giving him some problems while working the action.




  9. I once had some 1/2 plate, but I don't know what the AR rating was.


    I hated em because they were heavy and made no noise.


    I like the 5/16 and 3/8" AR 500 plates.


    I also have some AR 400 plates that have managed to 'bow' over the past few years. They are good and ring well and will probably serve an individual very well thru many rounds of shooting.


    P.S. - I don't use any jacketed stuff on my steel.




  10. I see what you may be referring to, slightly to the left of the slot and about 1" long.


    Put a single drop of oil on the crack and let it sit for a spell. If it is a legit crack, the oil will seep down inside.


    BUT, I must admit that what I think I'm looking at is probably a machine mark.


    Wish I could be of more help.




  11. Astronaut and Senator John Glenn has passed away.


    He did us proud:

    US Marine

    WWII Vet

    Korean Vet




    RIP Mr. Glenn..... and thank you for your service.




  12. Back in 1993, our only child was born. A little girl.


    The week she was born, I bought her a Winchester 9422, NIB.


    Well, that rifle still sits in my safe. And although its been shot, it is in pristine condition...wood and blueing is as perfect as the day I bought it. I even have the box.


    WELL, this year, that rifle is gonna get wrapped up and given to its rightful owner..... my little girl.


    She's married now and she and her hubby both shoot. But I think she has forgotten about that rifle belonging to her.....24 Christmas ago.


    I venture to guess it will put a nice twinkle in her eyes when she opens it.







    I understand YOU are now producing some coated bullets. Yes/No?


    What are your thoughts and experiences?


    In the past few years, ALL my bullet purchases have been from RINGER or Clarks (which is 'Clarks bullets by SCARLETT ).... Scarlett Darlin in S.C.

    I am SUPER happy with both bullet makers.




  14. Manatee was the 1st JEDI GF of the YEAR due to his efforts in getting BPGF/FCGF category recognized in some bigger SASS matches back when.


    I think it was 2009. He's paid his dues, and then some.




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