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  1. YUL,


    of the semi auto pistols I am familiar, the trigger has a 'reset', which means the trigger must be relieved somewhat for the internals to function correctly for the next shot.


    Please note that I did not say the trigger has to be 'released' from your finger but rather 'relieved' a little to reset the action correctly.

    Some semi autos have a great reset distance while others have a short reset, like the SIG P320, which is a striker fire pistol.




  2. With his Sleigh piled high

    and full of good cheer

    He tuned on his GPS

    and flew to the southern hemisphere


    A shotgun for Doc

    and a rifle for Darlin

    Some pistols for Duke

    bringing cheers of good holler'n


    First stop at the 'Pines'

    for Lemonade and glitter

    The team would get thirsty

    while flying down to Widder's.



    ..........Widder (Walkin in a WidderWonderLand)

  3. So, based on the info above, Dillon is selling those Gunslinger springs using an advertising name of Lee Fisher, which is Ringo..... although Rowdy Yates owns (or did own) the company.


    Tha advertisement actually reads:


    Gunslinger Spring Kits

    From Lee Fisher, one of the premier "cowboy gunsmiths".


    Is that ad referencing Ringo or Rowdy?




  4. Reference: Dillon January 2017, page 54


    The advertisement for Gunslinger Spring Kits list a 'premier cowboy gunsmith' with the name of Lee Fisher.


    What is or WHO IS the cowboy name of Lee Fisher?

    I wish Dillon had also listed the cowboy name.







  5. Widder you are so popular you just can't get any more so. (hint clean your inbox :D ) C.W. :FlagAm:


    I sent you a PM. Just reply to that PM and I should get it.


    A Couple of Dear Johns? Maybe the girls got together.

    Welcome home pard.

    Actually, there were 3 of them. But, 2 of them only lived 1 block from each other. One wasn't jealous and didn't feel any competition. But the other one didn't like 'my friend' at all.


    Keeping the 'hotties back home' happy was a tough job but somebody had to do it... :)




  6. On this date in 1969, I was stepping off a plane in Morocco, heading for a communications outpost on the edges of a shanty little village called Sidi Yahia.


    16 Months equated to 2 Christmas's, 2 Birthdays, 1 Thanksgiving, and a couple 'Dear John' letters from High School Sweethearts who discovered greater love with a non military man..... :)


    It still feels special to be home for Christmas!


    Merry Christmas to all those who have served and those who still stand a post so that the rest of us can enjoy this Holiday..... peacefully!




  7. Lots of good info posted.

    I prefer a medium pistol powder like: unique, power pistol, Acc#5, Zip, N340, etc. especially with a cast Bullet.

    I've recently tested my new 9mm 124gr polymer coated bullets with Unique. I pushed the coated bullet to 1150 fps average. With zero barrel fouling. It worked very well and things stayed clean.

    Some folks want one powder for everything. I'm of the belief that different powders work better with different calibers, Bullets and speeds.




    Good post Ringer.

    But I have also experienced that some GUNS have a preference for loads, other than my pet loads. Heck, I've got 2 pistols of the same make, caliber and barrel length that give me difference results with my pet load.


    The OP of this thread is getting some GREAT info to test in his pistol.




  8. We are assuming that the adult female in this story is the Mother, but Trigger Mike only referred to her as his Wife.


    Anyhow, I agree with Pat Riot in that the leaders should have approached the parents with this situation.


    and as JEDI Calico Mary stated, it does sound kinda 'hinky' (whatever that is) :)




  9. I was once told that I was an over protective Dad.


    Well...... yes indeed.


    That's what we are suppose to do. And the size of our protective umbrella is dependent upon age, maturity, imminent danger situation, etc... of our surroundings.


    And at age 21, I was still doing things that might help protect my daughter when I bought her a handgun to carry and paid for her carry classes and license fee for TN.


    I agree with Cat on this one.


    T.Mike - I don't agree with your thoughts on a fool and working for free.....




  10. Smokestack,


    I'm confused. A top 10 finish warrants a shooter to be in the Renegade category the following month. This part I understand.


    But, when you state the top 5 in each category gets an award, the only category will be the Mens/Ladies Renegade category.....correct?


    Are other yearly category winners be awarded even though they may not have qualified for the Renegade Category?




  11. Here is why I like Clean Shot:


    In my Chronograph test this past summer, here are my results. Per Wire rules, I can't list my powder charges but they were basically 'good' loads.


    My pistol is the SIG P320 with the 4.7" barrel.


    Berry's 115 grain plated: (5-shots)

    1148, 1150, 1155, 1159, 1161

    Avg vel - 1154 deviation in velocity: only 13 fps



    Scarlett's 124 grain lead: (10 shots)

    1010, 1017, 1019, 1022, 1022, 1024, 1029, 1029, 1035, 1043

    Avg vel= 1025 fps deviation in velocity= 26 fps


    My Power Pistol results were also VERY satisfying.


    Although I listed my actual results, there are some mighty good powder brands listed above that you will be very happy using.


    The website listed by YUSTA B will give you some great loading information.



    ..........Widder (Walking in a WidderWonderLand)

  12. Brave and/or Stupid........you be the judge.


    Probably the same things were said about the Wright Bros, Chuck Yeager, John Glenn, etc....... :)




  13. I reload for the 9mm but I must admit my component testing has been limited.


    But, of the powders I have tried, I REALLY like CLEAN SHOT. I buy my supplies from Scarlett Darlin, who owns 'Clarks bullets by Scarlett'.


    I also use her 124 gr. lead bullets and Berry's plated bullets in the 115 gr weight.


    Hope this helps a little.




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