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  1. WOW, looks like that fish has hooked hisowndangself a big bird..... ..........Widder
  2. Looks like an original Rock Chucker (we often called them 'Boulder Busters'. Wonder who the kid might be. ...........Widder
  3. YEEHAW. Sounds like ya done good, especially if seller and buyer are hap, hap, hap, hap, HAPPY! ..........Widder
  4. If you can't lay $650 on the table, lay down about $500 - $525 and let him know you are serious about it but $650 is stretching your budget a little too far. Let him counter offer. ..........Widder
  5. No doubt, the folks in Chicago feel much safer to walk their neighborhood now. ..........Widder
  6. Ketsup.... maybe, sometimes. But normally, I like mine with Mustard, Chili, and Slaw. You can't beat a good Slaw Dog. ..........Widder
  7. YEP. And if a feller can find one under that initial 450 serial number, that would truly be a good find. P.S. - if I'm not mistaken, the 450 number was the initial imports received by Cap that he checked out before being sold to Cowboys. I think John Barleycorn has some interesting history concerning the serial numbers on those 'CB' series. ..........Widder
  8. You may be 'old school', but I'd bet a buck to a doughnut that you're more proficient with that cobra than 90+% of others with our super duper Godzilla magnums. ..........Widder
  9. That smell is TN Williams carcass..... his wife beat the crap out of him after he paid me the 5 big ones for those primers. And some of those were used. ..........Widder
  10. Mine are Federal Small Pistol 'Magnum' and TN Williams paid me $5000 for a case. What do you think about that? ..........Widder
  11. Any of you ATV riders familiar with LED Light Bars? I'm thinking of putting one on my ATV and would much appreciate any good/bad information some of you may have. THanks ..........Widder
  12. Howdy JB. Can't offer any SxS info....... BUT, if your lefty friend goes with a 97, Red Knee is a lefty and is probably one of the best and fastest 97 shooters around. I think he has also produced a video of his technique, which is awesome, to say the least. I've seen Red Knee burn down 4 on 4 in about 2.5 seconds as a lefty. He's part Cherokee and part BORG. Good luck. ..........Widder
  13. Tequila, Sometimes, the Rangers shoot 5 stages and sometimes 6. Come prepared for 6. I don't know your time zone, but the Rangers are in Eastern time. All stages have a covered area to help us stay dry for most of the time. Targets are big and reasonably close. Check out their website for sign-up/safety briefing schedule. The folks that shoot there are as good as you'll find anywhere. Its a great place to shoot. Its level and well graveled. Muddy conditions are not a problem. Hopefully, next month I might be more healed enough to
  14. Although I don't see eye to eye with Katie on politics, so far she has been my favorite Jeopardy host. My least favorite was Jennings. I couldn't understand him most of the time. ..........Widder
  15. It means Her new name is now Raychel. ..........Widder
  16. One of the main reasons some of us had 'HOMEMADE' ice cream is because we didn't have a freezer to store and keep anything frozen. I was born in 51. And I can still remember the ice man bringing us our ice cube about twice a week for our 'ice box'. We could only keep things cool, but never frozen. I don't think we actually got a 'Frigidair' refrigerator till about 1956 or 57, when I was about 5 or 6 yrs old. In all honesty, we didn't know we were poor. We actually thought we were middle class with our 'party line' phone and wringer washing ma
  17. We were so poor that I got a pair of jeans for Christmas with a hole cut in the pocket. That way, I had something new to wear and something to play with. Actually, our desserts were about once or twice a week. And it was either fried apple pies, homemade ice cream or rice pudding. Not all of them, just one or the other. ..........Widder
  18. Agree. Do some math. I could be wrong, but I think energy produced by your loads also equates to recoil stuff. ..........Widder
  19. Happy B'day Rye. And here's wishing you many more. ..........Widder
  20. I didn't want to collect 5 misses on 4 KD's..... Plus, Purly shoots one of them SxS shotguns. In Purly's hands, SxS means 'Slow & Slower'... ..........Widder
  21. Hay Barkeep, that big ole Possum Grin was from some overdo tender hugs from the Rangerettes. ..........Widder
  22. My Tennessee Drivers License doesn't say anything about being awake while driving. We have a law against drinking and driving..... and we have a law about using cell phones while driving. But we ain't got nothing about being 'awake' while driving. ..........Widder
  23. Jabez, I didn't know whether to put a 'Ha-Ha' face or a 'Thank You'. But I did like the part about being heartless. My wife would also add 'Brainless' to that sometimes..... And I would often add 'Penniless'. If I ever venture North, you'll be the first to know and the 1st stop-over I make. Keep em smoking. ..........Widder
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