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  1. When I use to shoot in the cold/cooler weather conditions, I noticed my CLAY loads in .38 special ammo was sensitive UNTIL I started using MAGNUM primers.


    The MAG primers give more flash time which apparently help get the CLAYS powder a better chance to fully ignite.


    That is my limited experience with weather sensitive ammo.


    When I chronograph my ammo, I normally do it in summer months and also make note of the temperature range during my test.




  2. CONFIRM..... If this rifle is the one Junky showed me, the trigger is a 'Slater' trigger mod and in my opinion, they are great.


    Slater welds the trigger/sear as one piece and smooths out the sear/hammer cocking notch really nice.

    Then he uses the trigger/lever safety bar to function as a trigger stop. It is truly a neat setup.


    I have handled this particular rifle and I honestly ran numerous rounds thru it and found it to be flawless in function and feel.


    My opinion, this rifle has no functioning flaws and if the owner knows how to run a Marlin and feeds it properly OAL ammo, I think this rifle is 100% battle ready. Carty did a great job with his rifle work.


    If I shot .38 ammo in SASS/CAS, I would have already stolen this rifle away from Junky..... ;)


    CHILI RON: Yes, its a Short Stroker.




  3. I think he was the wagon driver who was shot multiple times by the Indians.


    He was eating breakfast when a small group of Indians came upon him and they gave him a classic body piecing.


    Anyhow, I could be wrong but I think he was that wagon driver.




  4. Not interested in a Vaquero. Want adjustable sights. The gun will not be used in CAS, and a high degree of accuracy is needed.






    Although not often seen anymore, there are also some SuperBlackHawk 'Hunter' models out there in .45 Colt. These are stainless with 7.5" barrels.


    Ruger still offers the SBH Hunter models in .44 Mag.


    I have one of the SHB Hunters in .45 Colt and they are beautiful to shoot.




  5. PWB,


    Love it.


    I've a fondness for the shorter barreled pistols such as the one you posted.


    That IS a beautiful pistol.


    (Years back, I bought a Ruger SBH Hunter in .45 Colt. They didn't make many of them cause the .44 Mag was more popular. Anyhow, factory barrel length was 7.5". I sent mine to Mag Na Port and cut to 5" which is flush with the ejector housing. And of course, Mag Na Ported also. When loaded up hot, the porting is a big asset.)




  6. If I didn't already own a good pair, I would have scooped these up soooooooo fast.


    The .32 'Vaqueritos' are super pistols and the price on these is really outstanding.


    BTT for the Dog.




  7. I got coal in my stocking....... :(:( :( :(:(


    Atleast you got a stocking..... :D


    ACTUALLY, although I knew it was in the box, I had not touched it nor seen it till Christmas Eve.

    It was a Browning Buckmark .22 Field Target model, 5.5" Bull Brl. and real wood grips.




    I enjoy shooting my .22's as much as any firearm I have.




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