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  1. But SLIM,


    what category would there be for someone shooting an unaltered Colt buntline in .45 in their left hand, and a Ruger 'SASS' Vaquero in the right hand? ;)






  2. I wonder what category Wild Bill Hickok would shoot with his mighty 36's (I think that was his caliber of choice).


    My 'guess' is that the caliber & power factors of the shooter are deemed no more important than how tall or short they are.


    Pards like PWB and The Wild Bunch (TWB) can probably answer your question as well as anyone.


    p.s. - RYE, I'll take a bag of that popcorn... ;)




  3. Depends on the crowd. For some of our more casual friends, some cream cheese with chili sauce in the center of a platter of crackers. For some of our more sophisticated friends, fresh guacamole dip with organic blue corn chips with flax seeds. Maybe some pastry baked Brie topped with mushrooms sauteed in white wine and green onions. Those are my top three.




    Your 'sophisticated' friends probably don't go to Super Bowl parties..... they go to the Super Bowl..... :lol::lol::lol:




  4. I choose my friends carefully also.


    Problem is, some of those folks that I would be friends with also choose their friends carefully, which leaves me with fewer friends..... :lol::lol::lol:


    Well, enjoy your jail time and welcome back to the Long Branch.




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  5. Its not a secret that I have mentioned to numerous Pards that I plan to slow down on my Marlin work for a couple reasons:


    1. I want to have more free time during my retirement.


    2. Continue my work on the .22 Henry 'Soft Stroke' and give super fast turn around time.



    Yes, I plan to slow down on Marlin work but not totally shut it out, especially if someone needs a really fast fixit job.

    And right now, I will be training another gunsmith in a couple weeks on the intricate workings of the Marlin. He plans to extend his gunsmith services into some Marlin work during the next couple years. PLUS, I will be showing him the mods for the Henry .22 'Soft Stroke'.


    He should have the ability to help out with both types of rifles as time passes by.


    But I don't think I have ever conveyed any plans to totally stop work on the Marlins or "...ONLY work on the rimfires...".




  6. One of my favorites.


    I try to watch Perry Mason episodes every day at 9 am and 11:30 pm on a couple different cable channels.


    I'm always telling my wife how beautiful Ms. Hale looked. She was a classic.


    RIP 'Della' and God bless.




  7. Church Key,


    I don't have any of the Dillon equipment but I have already been loading up some 'test' ammo for my new SIG P220 in 10mm.


    I hope to chronograph AND do some accuracy testing when the weather gets a little better.


    Right now, I have 12 loads to test in the 165 grain and 180 grain bullets.


    My test powders are:




    AA #7

    AA #9

    Power Pistol


    On some bullets (but not all) I'm testing the low end AND the high end load data to give me a better indication of what my SIG and the 10mm is capable.


    Brass is new Starline and primers are Federal LP Mag.


    I also plan to mic the lower portion of my brass before and after test firing to help give me certain indications of pressure problems.


    I might forget to PM you with this info but if you want to holler back at me in a couple months, I hope to have some good load data of my own.




  8. If you want to run the 1.40+ in the stock Marlin, you can have your timing 'advanced' by having a good TIG welder add some height to your carrier ramp, especially the lower half of the ramp and then let the weld kinda 'bleed' into the upper section of the ramp.


    Last summer, I set up a .38/.357 Cowboy to run anything from 1.38 up to 1.56, if I remember correctly.

    I do remember that it ran .38 longs, .38 specials and .357 mag ammo.




  9. BLKWTR,


    they stick it to ya with the truck. THEN, they stick it to ya with bad ball joints. And to top it all off, they put temporary rubber on the road and try to make you feel like you got a good deal.


    If ole Mr. Goodyear knew what they were doing with his rubber, he would roll over in his grave..... :o


    Next thing ya know, we'll have to put a new light in the front grill or a new battery in the radio..... :o:o


    p.s. - at least my truck has lasted longer than the groundhogs and most crows in this area..... :lol::lol::lol:




  10. 261,500 miles later, my 2001 little Toyota Tacoma busted a balljoint this morning.


    Obviously a bad investment on my part back in 01..... ;)


    I'll probably have to put some gas in it next..... :o





  11. I'm waiting.


    I think it might pass.


    Suppressors might have to be purchased like a firearm with a background check requirement, but no special tax or waiting period required.


    This of course, is just an assumption on my wishful thinking.




  12. Howdy KEY. Missed you at the NC State last summer. I plan to be there again this year, which I think is in November. Hope your Marlins are running well.


    Warden: You must be talking about my Warthog, firesnortin .32 Marlin..... :lol::lol::lol:

    My opinion, but the .45 in a lever rifle like the Marlin or Rossi can become a very formidable round for deer, hog or bear, when loaded properly. As I've stated before, a good handload in a short barrel rifle can give the same ballistics as a .454 Casull in a 6" barrel pistol.

    Hope all is well with you.




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