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  1. I like the way the drawing was presented. We could all see it 'live'. Very well done. Congrats to all the winners. ..........Widder
  2. I hope Dixie, Randy and the whole gang of Regulators at Wartrace gives you a butt whoopin to remember. There is a Santa Claus......... and today, he'll be dressed up like a Cowboy to whoop your behind..... ..........Widder
  3. We also have to consider that when WE fail to change shooting positions, the targets we are suppose to be shooting are normally AT that next shooting position. Therefore, we would not only earn the 'P', but our targets might be in a position as to earn us a few 'Misses'. OUCH! Dang TN, whatja doin up so early? ..........Widder
  4. You STILL hunting that blame ole Easter egg? I forgot to tell you that I found it while at your house in October. It was slightly spoiled so I chucked it in the woods. (actually, it was a prize egg with a $10 prize. That's what I used to buy our breakfast biscuits. ..........Widder
  5. Interesting info. Thanks. Was CUSTER a well liked person or Officer? ..........Widder
  6. Thanks RYE. There for a few moments, I thought I was getting Lysdestic this morning. ..........Widder
  7. John, Because there were NO misses. The appropriate type targets were hit with the appropriate type firearm. Have a Happy and Blessed Holiday Season. ..........Widder
  8. Well, it IS possible that he don't know what part is the trigger. PLUS, in reality, triggers are not 'pulled', triggers are 'pressed'. ..........Widder
  9. I do it frequently. I often look in my rear view mirror and if the person behind me in the 'Drive-thru' is either Elder or has a 'Handicap' placard hanging off their mirror, I will often buy for them. I might add that I have also been the recipient of someones kindness. Its a good feeling to both Give & Receive. ..........Widder
  10. I've often thought that an 'Expert' is just a Drip Under Pressure. ..........Widder
  11. Thanks. Thats interesting. Have a good day. ..........Widder
  12. In the Civil War, I believe CUSTER achieved the rank of Major General, or some General rank. But, it seems his recorded rank at the Little Big Horn was LT. Col. What happened to cause a demotion? ..........Widder
  13. If I could go back to age 10. (1961), I would choose the RED door. I really ain't fond of what the future might look like. ..........Widder
  14. I know him. That's 'Rusty Nuts'. ..........Widder
  15. Hey JEDI Creeker, TN not only uses DQ as a performance enhancer, he actually stuffs 2 straws up his nostrils and what he can get thru his mouth is sucked up in those straws thru his nose. But don't tell nobody. ..........Widder
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