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  1. It went from 33 below to 52 above in three days - an 85 degree change. My mile and a half driveway went from impassable snow drifts to impassable mud virtually overnight. Tomorrow's high is supposed to be 31, so the mud will be stiff enough to get out of here for the first time in about ten days.
  2. Fresh ideas for long range? Other than setting the targets way out there and shooting at them? Beats me. Stand in front of a mirror and shoot over your shoulder? Use glow-in-the-dark paint on the targets and shoot at night? Depending on the club, long range here can be either a fixed distance on progressively smaller targets, or three targets set at different ranges, say 250, 400, and 500 yards. Sitting, standing, or cross sticks. A ten minute limit to get off ten shots with a black powder .45-70 is challenging. Rifle cal lever action is maybe 100 and 250 yards, and pistol cal lever is out to about 100. The last two or three years at the state shoot, there was also a Single Shot .22 category @ ~260 yards. The only reason I won it this year was @Prairie Daisy wasn't there.
  3. I've got a 500-196 on my bench. No dash 20 or 30, just 500-196. Works well, long battery life, and perfectly repeatable precision down to .0005"... I don't think it goes to .0001"...?
  4. Thirty three below last night with blowing & drifting snow all day yesterday. I wouldn't have been able to get out of here, downhill, through the drifts in my 4wd F350. Fortunately, I have a neighbor about a mile below me with a state surplus sanding truck/snowplow with chains, so the road is plowed now. I don't worry much about being snowed in, but it's always a concern that the local VFD is snowed out. The long range forecast says it will be in the mid-40's next week... with rain.
  5. I bought one in .45 back around '79. IIRC, the price was $375, new. Sold it 35-40 years ago.
  6. Way back, when striving for minute of gopher groups at 400+ yards, I did. Today, I couldn't tell you the last time I cleaned a primer pocket...thirty years? Who knows.
  7. I had -122 wind chill. OK, meaningless numbers aside, it's supposed to be -20 tonight, -32 tomorrow, and -23 Thursday as this winter storm blows through, then up into the 40's early next week for a few days. I guarantee, no matter how much wind accompanies this storm, the temps are still going to be -20, -32, and -23.
  8. What? Dang, a little over 21 years ago, I loaned an employee $250 with his 742 .30-06 and a Winchester M74 .22 as collateral. He left, and I haven't heard from him since, so I guess they're mine. I've shot it a few times, but if it's only good for 500 rounds, mebbe it should go on Gunbroker.
  9. There are at least three versions of the clamp - I have both of these, and would give a slight nod to the Armorer's Edge version. The Victory Gun Works mentioned above looks like a good one too. One person here who doesn't like them is Noz - he said he stepped outside and threw it as far as he could. No explanation.
  10. Supposed to be 32 below here Wednesday night, then up to 43 come Sunday... 75 degree difference. My old house is so piss poorly insulated, I sleep on the couch, a bit under eight feet from the stove when it gets like that. I slept in my bedroom last night, and it was 54 degrees in there when I got up this morning.
  11. It was an inherent problem with the .45 version. The 9mm and .45 both used the same 11# spring, and it was just too light for the .45. I checked my database and found a note that I replaced it with a 21# Wolff and a new buffer from a place called Blackjack Buffers.
  12. I bought one in '01, and haven't shot it in quite some time. I remember it ejected empties into the next county, so I put in a buffer for sure, and maybe a different recoil spring(s).
  13. Depends on the shotgun and the shell, but for our use, 90 - 110 grains 1f or 2f with an ounce or ounce and an eighth is quite sufficient. I've always used brass shells and fiber wads for 10g. If you have a Zabala, marketed under a number of different names, whatever you can tolerate.
  14. They haven't had it in stock for about two years.
  15. I'm not real attached to it, I honestly can't remember the last time I shot it... probably fifteen years anyway.
  16. Yr35t45 is decent powder, but not available in the US.
  17. My .475 Linebaugh Bisley Blackhawk, converted by Ben Forkin around 2000. It's a little much, really.
  18. Rene's Reference Guide says only 230 5 1/2"ers made, so Kid Curry now has almost one percent of the total production of that version.
  19. Go to Google Images and keyword "1895 Nagant with silencer", and there are dozens of pictures and articles about this unique revolver and its ammo.
  20. Why do they want you to list your race and ethnicity? Racist bastages.
  21. Mine showed up at the FFL today - TWO 8 round KCI magazines too, instead of one 7 rounder, like there normally is.
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