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  1. My daughter fancies herself quite the amateur criminologist, and says she's sure Laundrie "unalived himself". I said, "Unalived himself"? She told me "suicide" is a flagged word on a lot of sites, so users/members substitute other words/phrases.
  2. About five years ago, when I worked for the state, I got five $1 silver certificates from a customer. Working for Sportsman's Warehouse before that, when reconciling the day's take after closing, I'd see silver quarters regularly, silver certificates occasionally, and star bills occasionally.
  3. I forgot about Pinnacle - I've still got 3+ cases of that around somewhere too - Powderinc was discounting it heavily when it was disco'd, so I stocked up.
  4. At $9.99/pound at Sportsman's Warehouse, plus veteran's discount and/or one of their promotional 20% off coupons, I bought a lot of BMZ - probably enough to last the rest of my days anyway.
  5. You can shoot duelist style in any category, including Gunfighter (double duelist style). There are no categories that require shooting with both hands on the gun. You can shoot adjustable sights in any age-based category except Senior Duelist/Senior Gunfighter and/or other age separations of these two, as requirements of the base category take precedence over the age divisions. Since Modern fell by the wayside some years ago, there are no categories that require adjustable sights. Made up categories, such as "Forty Niner Duelist", "Cowboy Duelist", "Wrangler Duelist", or "Cattle Baron Duelist" would all be Duelist. If you shoot Cattle Baron, you can use fixed or adjustable sights and shoot duelist style or two handed, but if the MD allows you to create your own category, all bets are off. If the Match Director allows the age division of Cattle Baron Duelist, the base category of Duelist takes precedence over the age division, setting the parameters of the guns & sights allowable, and would require fixed sights... unless, of course he allows "Cattle Baron Duelist Using Fixed Or Adjustable Sights".
  6. Federal pistol primers are $42.99 at Sportsman's Warehouse on the rare occasions they've got a few in this past year. I picked up a couple thousand eleven months ago for $34.99, then they went to $37.99, and now $42.99. They have lots of Cheddite 209's on the shelf right now @ $39.99.
  7. I started two handed, then crossdraw Frontiersman with just the right hand, then Gunfighter, and now almost exclusively Double Duelist. I'm right handed, but getting a little shaky in my old age (66), and actually shoot better now with my left hand than my right. I still can't wipe with my left though. Double Duelist is twice as coolest!
  8. 50 miles/264,000', and you're officially in space. I think seven or eight of the twelve X15 pilots broke this barrier and were authorized to wear some sort of astronaut patch or decoration.
  9. My neighbor, "Hawker Harry", built this one, but it's big, heavy, hard to load in a pickup, and kind of hard to maneuver.
  10. I threw this together as a temporary setup back in 1992 until I could buy or build something better... still using it nearly 30 years later.
  11. Whatever a .45 Blackhawk cost in 1979... $200 or so...? I wasn't shooting CAS yet, but it was one of my two first CAS revolvers, along with a Colt .357 I think I paid $275 for, used. Then whatever a new stainless .45 Rossi '92 cost in 1992 when I started - $350 or so. The shotgun was an inherited Rossi Overland 12g hammer coach gun.
  12. Never heard of them, but a quick Google search says they're made by Savunsan Teknoloji in Turkey.
  13. Twenty years ago, or more, I made a similar die from a .50 BMG case for 20 gauge shells. It's a bit time consuming, as it's made to be used in a single stage Rock Chucker and the shell has to be pushed in, then the die turned over and pushed back out, but it smooths out the crimp bulge nicely.
  14. My last two transactions with the USPS were two incoming deliveries, both via Priority Mail. One was an envelope with a money order, mailed on the 1st, and it arrived today. The other was a box of brass, mailed on the 30th, and also arrived today. I'm seeing more and more all the time that 3 day Priority Mail normally tends to be three or four times that long - certainly no faster than First Class.
  15. I have a neighbor, Ted Culbertson, who was a world class motocross and snowmobile exhibition performer and racer, along with Keith Sayers, and could ride his two wheelers for miles on the rear wheel, or long distances across lakes, and he seemed to be able to make them fly at will too. He broke a lot of bones and destroyed a few machines perfecting his freestyle stunts, but at 47, he's given up the extreme riding and now runs a thriving body/paint/towing business here in Helena, regularly donating thousands of dollars and vehicles back to the community, with a focus on medical fund raisers, disabled veterans, and children. His dad refused to attend any of his extreme exhibitions because "I didn't want to see him die in front of me".
  16. The record for the oldest person to go to space... ... has been totally Shatnered. Thank you, I'll show myself out.
  17. I bought a hundred pieces a month ago from Gunbroker seller "steyrpro2506". You might want to search for him on GB - he had a lot of brass listed. New in bag, PPU, $21 + $8.25 shipping. Graf's shows PPU in stock right now @ $12.69/50 and Lapua for $335.99/1000, plus shipping. Starline .32 S&W Long is in "yellow status" right now, so it can be backordered.
  18. I had a Browning B92 .357 several years ago, but it would choke on anything shorter than the standard 1.59" - .38's would work, as long as the bullet was seated out to an OAL of ~1.59". I sold it to somebody here over fifteen years ago, and bought two Rossi '92 .357's with the proceeds. Both shoot 125 grain .38's without a hiccup. One was very slick, and had obviously been worked by someone who knew what they were doing. My daughter shot it for several years when she was involved with CAS, and the only problem was a broken firing pin one time. After her first year, she could shoot circles around me with that thing. I've also had a couple in .45 Colt (One being my first CAS rifle), four .44-40's and a .44 magnum, and they've all been perfectly fine rifles.
  19. A quick Google search indicates he closed his shop and retired about a dozen or so years ago. I found a Michigan obituary under his name dated 2012.
  20. $450,000, plus premiums & fees, for a total of $517,500. Ironic the reproduction "Rooster Shooter" is legal for CAS, but the original isn't. The auction house stated the backstrap had been replaced, and the trigger guard stretched to fit his big ol' sausage fingers, so the discrepancy is obviously known - I've read about it before.
  21. Ya, maybe not - that style spring is listed as part of a Colt spring kit.
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