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    Toothpick carver, seasonal aspirin engraver, and competitive bubble wrap popper.

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About Me

Retired, been to all 50 states, and livin' the dream!


The inspiration for my alias was a gold miner from Vermont named Henry Davis who struck it rich in the Cariboo mountains near Barkerville, British Columbia in the 1860's. He went there after going bust in California, but all the good spots along Willow Creek had already been claimed. He noticed one seemed to be more than the 100' prescribed by law, so he measured it that night and found it was 112'. Davis filed claim on the twelve foot overage, and took a small fortune off it. Naturally, he came to be called "Twelve Foot Davis". 


I sometimes shoot a pair of 18" Uberti Buntlines, which is three feet of barrel, and also use a 36" single shot shotgun in side matches as well as occasionally in the main match. Since my name is Johnson, I thought Three Foot Johnson would be perfect. Some of the Wire's grade school fart joke mentalities vehemently disagree. Oh well. :mellow:

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