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  1. Lipseys did a special run of "new" Vaqueros about 5 years ago - longest barrel length 4 5/8". I managed to get a pair of stainless steel, consecutively numbered from Long Hunter. Had to import them into Canada. Managed to get an extra set of .44 Spl cylinders from Ruger's Canadian service centre which I had reemed out for .44-40. Pretty much shoot them exclusively now.

    Now I know there has been a lot of dialogue about the rim diameter of the .44-40 cartridge, but it hasn't been a factor with my guns.  Cylinders were reamed with a new Mason reamer and throats were sized for .429 bullets.  Now, ifhtis can be accomplished by a gunsmith using a Ruger cylinder and a Mason reamer, Ruger should be able to produce a New Vaqueros in .44-40.  Just say'n.

    1. Three Foot Johnson

      Three Foot Johnson

      I have 3 of the Lipsey's .44 specials, stainless, 4 5/8", two of them with consecutive numbers, and shoot them more often than most of my CAS guns. There were 503 of these made. Similar numbers were also made in blued versions, as well as Sheriff's model configs, both blue and stainless. It would be pretty neat to have .44-40 cylinders for them too. I've got a similar set of original model 5 1/2" .38-40/.40 S&W Vaquero convertibles, two of the three being consecutive. It would be very, very cool to have a .38-40 chambered New Vaquero.

    2. Kananaskis Kid, SASS #62402

      Kananaskis Kid, SASS #62402

      If it works for .44-40, should work for .38-40.  If Lipseys or Talo could get Ruger to do a limited run of .44-40/.44 Spl and .38-40/.40S&W, I'm sure there would be a demand.

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