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  1. I stepped outside just now, and there are two across the gulch from my house about 150 yards away. Cell phone pic in the rain.
  2. "If you want to put this over the top, add a touch of nutmeg"... Hmmm...
  3. I use a lathe myself, but most folks don't have access to one. A Dremel with cutoff wheels will work fine, just time-consuming, but you're only doing it once per shell, so... The little cutoff saw above looks like the ticket, but if you have no other use for it, it's just taking up space on a shelf when you're done. A tubing cutter will crush the thin wall "A" brass. $7.25 ea sounds like a lot, but if they're used in the same chambers, they don't need to be resized every time, and will last a LONG time if nobody steps on them. An old Winchester ad claimed "up to 500 reloads" or somesuch.
  4. In addition to Buffalo Bore, HSM and Underwood make dinosaur killers too.
  5. There's a cowboy shooter here, currently laid up with a broken hip, looking for a pair of nickel or stainless .44-40 pistols, preferably engraved. He doesn't really know exactly what he wants: Colt, USFA, AWA, Ruger, Italian, or even a preferred barrel length for that matter - just fishin' to see what bites, I guess. He recently put out nearly three grand for a new HRA H011SD "Original Silver Deluxe" .44-40 1860 and now wants pistols to match. Let me know and I'll put you in touch. He's a life member of SASS, but not registered on the SASS wire.
  6. I need to check all my serial numbers...
  7. I expect it soon. There are a LOT of modern firearms that fall under the 50 year rule now. Weatherby Mk V's, Remington 700's, Winchester M70's, early Colt AR15's... I think even the first Ruger M77's are now C&R.
  8. There is one club here that puts on a Plainsman match once a year, but in order to get more shooters, it's modified to include smokeless ammo and cartridge revolvers. Rifle targets are small, 6-8", and set way out to the end of the bay - between 80 - 100 yards. I have several suitable rifles, but have almost always used an NEF "Handy Rifle" .45-70 w/ejector and deep seated 405's over a reduced charge of BP. Why? Because it's relatively fast, very accurate, and has an ejector.
  9. I've seen them before, but it never, ever occurred to me that one would carry a price tag of $120. With the fancy Fleur-de-lis bolster and end cap inlays, or eagle head carving, etc., it certainly drives the price up from what a plain antler tip and a simple ferrule would be. All the pictures I can find show a standard taper grind, which makes sense, as the blade just isn't thick enough for a hollow grind square tip. Maybe I'll find an old V spring in the parts box, or broken pocket knife and make one one of these days.
  10. Three elk 50 yards from my house, with several others visible just right of the tree branch another quarter mile down the field.
  11. But then again... back in '75, there was a fellow named Gary Dahl, who put a rock in a small cardboard box, call it a Pet Rock, sold five million of them for $3.95 each, and netted a cool fifteen million dollars, so...
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