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  1. I've got a pair of full-size 5 1/2" Uberti Cattleman .32-20's I take out once in awhile. (Looking for another one, if anybody has one) A pair of Ruger .32 H&R mag/.32-20 Vaquero convertibles would be very nice, but they don't come up often, and tend to be in the $1200+ range when they do. Only 273 made with 4 5/8" barrels and 283 with 5 1/2" barrels.
  2. There was a thread here a day or two ago that fits right in - about S&W's goofy locking safety system. The OP's question was, " Have any of you here actually had a problem with the safety lock failing, causing the gun to become inoperable?" The answers were almost entirely some variation of, "Mine works fine" or "I've put 50,000 zillion rounds through mine with no problems", and so on. One answer out of twelve replies directly addressed the original question. (ME ) Which reminds me... I need to go back and edit my reply to reflect the other S&W's I have with the lock that have always worked just fine.
  3. My ex-wife always claimed to be 1/4 Cherokee. This past Christmas, one of the DNA sites was offering a "percent off" deal, so my daughter sent a sample in. It came back mostly Norwegian/Swede, and zero percent injun. If my grandparent and great-grandparents told the truth about where they came from, I should be either 1/4 Swede and 3/4 Norwegian, or 1/4 Swede, 1/4 (Foster), and 1/2 Norwegian. No one really knows where the Fosters came from a few generations back... the UK, Scandinavia, or possibly even Germany.
  4. I've had .41's over the years, but currently down to just a Blackhawk and a nickel P&R M57 S&W. Other than 5 shots from the Ruger in a "shoot a different caliber every stage" stunt six years ago, I haven't shot either of them in fifteen years. Mebbe oughta sell 'em...
  5. In August of '03, I bought a new 8 3/8" .500 mag. On the 4th shot, it locked up and wouldn't cock, nor would the cylinder open. The lock flag was down, indicating it wasn't locked. I tried the key in the lock and it wouldn't turn either direction. So I emailed S&W, and the next day, Herb Belin, S&W'S handgun product manager, called me and asked some questions. He wanted the revolver sent in, of course. I told him it still had one loaded round in the cylinder, and I could probably get the bullet & powder out, but not the primer. He was very much against that idea, naturally, and said he had a field rep in Denver he would have drive to my house the next afternoon and personally take possession of it - a round trip of some 25 hours and 1600 miles. Sure enough, the next afternoon, the rep showed up (Dan Roden... Roder...?), gave me a receipt and left with the revolver. Eleven days later, a brand new one was shipped to my doorstep, and Mr. Belin followed up with me a few days later, mentioning it was the only factory documented failure of the new lock system, up to that time anyway.
  6. SASS/CAS SASS is the organization. CAS is the game. Razor strap. Strop. It's a strop.
  7. There is some very limited information on YouTube and elsewhere on how to load these things, and they use the same powders as a normal 2 1/2" or 2 3/4" shell. Some utilize a conventional plastic wad with the compression section cut out, using only the gas seal and shot cup, and some use a fiber wad with no shot cup. What I settled on is not specifically published anywhere, so I consider it "experimental", and I'm not going to disclose it here. Suffice it to say it is at the extreme low end of any published 2 3/4" load I could find. Powder, fiber wad, shot, overshot card, roll crimp.
  8. The Aguila factory loads are 5/8 oz of #7 1/2 shot and they're claiming 1175 fps. Mine are very slightly longer, and I was able to get 7/8 oz in, but haven't chrono'd them.
  9. Not that hard to duplicate, and they cost a whole lot less than $19.99 per box of 20. Mine are just a tad longer, but that's an easy fix. Factory Aguila's on the right. You can cram 9 of these into the Mossberg Shockwave, plus one in the barrel. Ya gotta buy a little $12 plastic spacer to clip into the action, or they just fall out the bottom when ya pull the slide back.
  10. I found an octagon .22 barrel up here in the hills near my house 'bout a dozen years ago, and toted it home to hang on the wall. While cleaning it up, I stuck a rod down the muzzle to shove the dirt out, but after several stabs at it, the rod would still only go maybe 3" down the barrel. I started digging it out from the other end with a piece of piano wire and after digging out a foot and a half of dirt, the wire stopped about a quarter inch shy of where the rod stopped from the muzzle end. I found a long steel rod that fit through the bore and tapped a bullet out. The barrel has no sights, and has monkey wrench scars near the breech end. It looks like a hundred years ago, someone got a bullet stuck and had no way to get it out, so they just replaced the barrel, swapped the sights over, and tossed the old one in a gully instead.
  11. My .32 S&W powder measure.
  12. I did it TWICE at the same match earlier this year. I once charged my Walkers, capped 'em at the loading table, went to the line, and "pop", "pop", "pop"...? No balls. I charged 'em at my cart, holstered 'em, and dumped the powder right on the ground, then went to the loading table and capped empty chambers.
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