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  1. The quietest one I've seen is a CZ .22 LR bolt action rifle with a threaded barrel and subsonic ammo. I don't know the brand of the suppressor but it wasn't that large. You could literally hear the firing pin snap the cartridge. Getting a suppressor to work on many semi auto pistols is a challenge due to the added weight of the suppressor. If the barrel is fixed, it's a lot easier.
  2. Driving around, there are lots of things to hit. Flying, you only get to hit something once.
  3. I just hope they don't interview my mail lady. I'll end up a list for sure.
  4. I'm not aware of a specific crime of not calling the police except in a traffic accident. Hit and Run. If you throw dirt over the dead body or dump it in the water after you shoot them, that could be considered Concealing the Death of another. If you shoot them and leave them where they fell, I don't think there is a criminal law obligation to call the police and provide evidence against yourself. 5th Amendment argument. However, the circumstances of failing to call the authorities after the killing could be damaging to your defense if they decide to prosecute.
  5. You can get a pretty good idea by comparing what you have to what similar guns have sold for on Gunbroker.com. You'll have to do a specific search for items sold.
  6. They still do this at Christmas time from some place called North Pole.
  7. I usually agree with what Hannity says. I just can't listen to his run on sentences for very long. He really annoys me after about 10 minutes.
  8. All they will have is the postmark on the envelope.
  9. It's 35 degrees and raining in Georgia. Missed it by THAT much.
  10. Enforcing MDQ's are a necessary part of the game. It's unpleasant and I hate doing it to one of my friends but if there are no penalties, there will be further violations. A MDQ will be on their mind then next time they think about going just a little faster than the situation calls for. Example: Running down the slick boardwalk with the pistols drawn or shooting Gunfighter and just throwing rounds down range without aiming. Sweeping the people and dropping loaded guns are very serious violations. I've been MDQ'ed before and it's a memorable experience that I've tried not to repeat.
  11. I picked up 5 lbs of Clay Dot several weeks ago but it was about $44/lb. I'm just about out of Clays and my understanding is that Clay Dot is a direct substitute for Clays. I'm loading 14.8 gr. of Clays with 1 oz of shot.
  12. If you mail order from Scarlet, you don't get the hug. Much better to buy in person.
  13. Saban just announced his retirement from Alabama. Just saying...
  14. For years I cleaned my brass with Lizard Littler. I had my lead level tested and it showed mine was 22. No adverse effects or symptoms but still higher than my doctor wanted. I'm now more careful about washing my hands after shooting and handling those big steel targets. I also changed over to wet tumbling. I still shoot and reload as much as I ever did. I don't wear a mask or gloves when reloading. We store our target collection in an old transfer truck trailer. I'm guessing that stirring up dust in the target trailer may be a big contributor to my lead level. My lead level was 16 the last time it was checked. Something to monitor and think about
  15. Go to Petsmart and get a bag of lizard litter. It'll last you a long time. I equate crushing walnut hulls to reloading .22 rimfire bullets. Some things are just not worth the effort.
  16. The common usage of "OK" came out of the Martin Van Buren presidential election rallies in the 1840's. It is short for Old Kinderhook, which is where Van Buren was from. The term just kind of took off as an acknowledgment that things are alright.
  17. All I know is that before the great Kung Flu, I was able to buy Federal small pistol primers at $35.00 per K. Then small pistol primers went to $200.00 per K and seem to have leveled off around $85.00 per K. Federal published a price increase a while back of 15% on ammo and reloading components. If Federal is not collecting all this excess price increase, then somebody between them and the public sure is. I understand supply and demand. I also understand the effects of pumping 3 Trillion dollars of "stimulus money" into the economy, resulting in 9% inflation. It's getting more expensive to play this game.
  18. If they don't take VISA, I wouldn't deal with them on line. According to my McAfee software, this is listed as a Highly Risky site.
  19. We had to upgrade our kitchen appliances earlier this year because apparently white appliances don't cook good any more. A few days after instillation, it was raining and I was very bored. I broke out the owner's manuals on the new kitchen appliances and found that they were WiFi capable. What is this, says I? I spent the next hour downloading the Samsung app and connecting the dishwasher, stove and refrigerator to the app. The microwave is still just plain dumb. WiFi is probably the most useless option I have ever seen, however, my phone alerts me when the wife has preheated the oven. That's usually a sign I'm going to get something to eat. The refrigerator also sends me a message if the door is left open more than 2 minutes and the dishwasher sends me a message when it's done. My last appliances lasted 25 years. Actually, they still all worked just fine. The wife just got tired of looking at them. I'll see how long these new ones last. The wife has had me for 40 years. I may be on borrowed time.
  20. I think the first batch of rifles released for sale to the public are either going to be really really good or really really bad. Hopefully Ruger can overcome the damage Remington did to the Marlin brand. At least you can't fit a dime between the stock and receiver. Let us know how well it shoots. That's the true test.
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