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  1. Healthy and tasty hamburgers are inversely proportional.
  2. I love Hoppe's #9. I buy it by the quart and it lasts me for years. I don't think I could use up a gallon in my remaining lifetime. I like the candle idea.
  3. I'd be surprised if he has full use of his left thumb after this. That's a lot of damage.
  4. It all just depends on the circumstances.
  5. One Eyed T is legit. I've shot with him at Riverbend and Cherokee. I'll vouch for him. No scammer here.
  6. 40 years ago, Golden Corral was an excellent steak place. Now it's an excellent salad and a mediocre food buffet place. No decent steaks to be found there for years.
  7. Let's see. 12 mm.... 12 x 0.039....carry the one.... Add that up...... Dang, that's 1/2 inch steel.
  8. I don't know nothing about cooking bread pudding but I know all about eating it. I'll be coming in on Wednesday too, from the Great State of Jawja.
  9. The problem with 22's is that it takes more hammer strike to set them off than your standard centerfire primer. They need a strong hammer spring to be reliable. You can smooth the action and lighten the springs a little but your limiter is the 22 caliber round.
  10. I still use a healthy squirt of Dawn and a 9 mm case of Lemonshine. I put the brass in the jug, fill with water and then put in the Dawn and Lemonshine. I run the tumbler for 90 minutes and then rinse the brass till all soap is gone. Spread out on a towel to dry. I've noticed no problems and the brass is nice and shiny. I don't think a 90 minute exposure to diluted Dawn is going to effect the brass at all. I wouldn't worry about it.
  11. There's one thing about buying a Dillon. After the initial pain of the price wears off, you'll never wish you had bought a cheaper press.
  12. I think it would lower your property values or at least limit the number of people who would be willing to buy in a neighborhood with speed bumps. I know I wouldn't buy a house in a neighborhood where I had to drive over 13 speed humps.
  13. I wouldn't want the defense to have any grounds for appeal based on juror misconduct. Concealing or providing false information during voir dire could be considered juror misconduct. I would answer honestly, however that question about being prior law enforcement would generally knock me out pretty quickly.
  14. I'm all in favor of a new primer distributor flooding the market with reliable primers. Maybe it will get the attention of Federal and Winchester and they will release more primers for reloaders. I still think that $80/K is too expensive. Before all this shortage business, I was buying them for $35/K. Currently primers are up about 300% over what they were a couple of years ago.
  15. It's just smoother and more reliable than a 97. I find that the Model 12 just feeds better than the 97. I'm sure there is a mechanical reason for it but I'll leave the explanation to the gunsmiths.
  16. Trust me. For Wild Bunch, you want a Model 12.
  17. My guess is that they sell your buying history to marketing firms. John Smith spends $1,000 at a gun store and now Bass Pro Shop buys this information and starts sending him junk mail. I have always tried to paid cash for my gun purchases. I just don't need a paper trail for the family auditor to find.
  18. Just remember that campers depreciate at a horrible rate. Anything new you buy today, will only be worth about 1/2 what you paid for it in 5 years. Class A bus right down to a popup camper, they all depreciate. I consider it an entertainment expense. Buying used allows the original owner to pay for the initial depreciation.
  19. You can spend as much as you want to on a camper. I have a Winnebago travel trailer which never needed any warranty work during the 1st year of ownership. I've had the trailer over 7 years and towed it over 30K miles. Things break and you learn to either pay out the nose or learn to fix it yourself. I just finished repacking my wheel bearings this morning. My advise is to stay far away from buying a camper at Camping World. I've heard too many horror stories. Buying a well maintained camper from an individual is the cheapest route. Most travel trailers are put together with the same components, Lippert axles, Suburban, Atwood, Dometic components. Making sure your carrying capacity is sufficient, is good advise. You want at least 1,200 +/- pounds of carrying capacity. I've seen them with only 700 lbs. The best tires I've found are the Goodyear Endurance tires. They are American made and very good trailer tires. I've been running them on my camper for the past 5 years.
  20. I wonder if this stuff is similar to the Russian drug Krokodil. That's some really nasty stuff that basically rots your tissue off your bones. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4864092/
  21. Put a dot of fingernail polish on the cylinder outside the empty chamber. Grease pencil will work too. Just don't load that chamber and you can easily set the cylinder on the empty chamber with the dot.
  22. I have no problem making whatever reasonable accommodations are necessary to keep someone shooting. I've seen several Cowboys shooting 22's over the last couple of years. Some do it because they can't find Cowboy ammo and some do it just for a change. It's doesn't detract from my experience at all. Finding Cowboy ammo and components has been challenging for quite a while. I'd rather see someone shoot 22's than have them sit at home or find another hobby.
  23. Georgia just passed Constitutional Carry last year. I suspect there are a lot more people carrying now that may have never bothered to jump through the hoops to get a permit. Having a nice looking pistol hanging off your belt would make you a target for theft from the skreet people. I certainly wouldn't go to Atlanta without carrying but I always carry concealed.
  24. The A-10 is only survivable in uncontested air space. It won't last long against modern fighter jets or guided ground fired missiles. However, watching 40 miles of traffic jammed Russian tanks on a two lane road a few months ago did make me think that about 6 A-10's could end this war today.
  25. I visited Arlington National Cemetery last September. I'm a history buff and it really brings it to life. I noticed that the more important the person, the closer to the road their grave is. I guess there is a pecking order in grave sites. Audie Murphy even has a paved path to his grave site. The Tomb of the Unknown soldier, General Blackjack Pershing, JFK and family are just a few of the notable sites. Several former presidents and most of the WWII generals are buried there along with many notable people from our history. I found it interesting that Robert E. Lee only lived in the house off and on for a couple of years. The property actually belonged to his wife and he spent most of his time away from home doing army things. After the Civil War, the family sued the Federal Government over the seizure of Arlington. The U.S. Government eventually paid the family for the property, however, Robert E. Lee had already died by the time of the settlement.
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