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  1. I think that there are two types of people who sell guns at a gun buyback. There are those who came into possession of a gun, possibly inherited or abandoned by a prior associate. They have bought into the idea that guns are evil and want to make sure this demonic item never hurts anyone. Therefore, turning it over to the police for destruction and getting a gift card is a solution to their perceived problem. The painful part is when they turn over Grandpa's WWII Singer 1911 or war trophy Luger. The other type of person is like myself. I have this piece of crap gun that I don't consider worth anything, but I would be thrilled at getting $100 gift card for it. I have a piece of crap bolt action .22 rifle from Western Auto that won't feed from the tube magazine anymore. I'm just waiting for a gun buyback program in my area.
  2. Circumference = diameter x Pi (3.14...) A: 2 x 3.14= 6.28 B: 6 x 3.14 = 18.84 18.84 / 6.28 = 3
  3. This is a good system, until you add brakes to the equation. Most small trailers don't have trailer brakes. No big deal if some grease squeezes past the "spring loaded double lip seal". However, on a trailer axle with drum brakes, that "spring loaded double lip seal" is inside the hub and you can't see if grease has been forced past the seal. The brake pads are on the other side of that seal. Grease on the brake pads is bad....very bad.
  4. I was warned very early in my RV ownership, not to use those zerk fittings to put grease in the hubs. It's too easy to blow grease past the grease seal and ruin your brakes and make a really big mess inside the hub. I take take the hubs off, remove and clean the bearings and repack them with fresh grease every other year. I also inspect the brakes and clean everything up. I pick a pretty day and it takes me about 3 hours to do all four hubs and adjust the brakes.
  5. No, but if you're wrestling with a bad guy and some moron pulls out the pepper spray, you ARE going to feel that.
  6. I used 5.3 grs of Tite Group over a 200 gr bullet for Wild Bunch. I chronographed the load and it was in the 170 power factor range. It was pretty comfortable to shoot and I never had to worry about being under the 150 power factor. Of course, the Wild Bunch power factor no longer exists for the rifle, so don't worry about meeting that standard anymore.
  7. We responded to an incident where the DEA was serving a search warrant and one of the bad guys grabbed a gun and started shooting. The DEA agents shot him all over with their M-16's. The DEA policy at the time was that the officer(s) pulling the trigger didn't give any official statements for 48 hours. I think it's a good policy but it's frustrating for the investigating officer/agency.
  8. Georgia welcomes Remington to the state. While LaGrange is not the most scenic part of the state, I'm sure it's got it's attributes.
  9. When I first started CAS, I bought my .38's from Ga Arms and Ammo at gun shows. I still use their ammo cans for storing loose rounds. I wish I could still buy them at this price.
  10. We were issued Glocks and ammo. After a shooting, the officer's issued pistol was taken and placed into evidence along with his ammo and 3 magazines. He was issued a new Glock, magazines and ammo. The LT in CID actually had two Glocks in the safe to issue after hours for this purpose. The officer was not disarmed at the scene. The Glocks were changed out at Headquarters in CID after clearing the shooting scene. The officer would be placed on administrative leave with pay pending review by the D.A's office and the Chief of Police. He would have to get clearance from the department shrink and qualify with the newly issued pistol prior to resuming normal duties. Minimum 3 days off to decompress. The officer would probably never see his original issued pistol again. It would remain in the evidence room for at least 2 years for the inevitable civil suit. After that, it would be returned to the department armory for reissue. This was the standard procedure for "standard" situations. Things could be adjusted as necessary.
  11. You don't buy an RV to save money. It's an entertainment expense. We have a Winnebago travel trailer that we have used a lot. It's just the perfect size to be pulled by my F-150. We've spent 100's of nights camping in the last 8 years and use it at every state and regional match we attend.
  12. Buying an RV is a lot different than buying a new car. If you buy a Forest River from the John Smith RV dealership which is 4 hours from home because you got a great deal, don't expect your local Forest River RV dealership to do warranty work for you. Never, ever, ever buy an RV or have it serviced at Camping World. You can buy parts and sewer hoses from Camping World, but that's it. Things on RV's break and fall apart. That's just the nature of the beast. Learn to fix as much stuff yourself. It's not really hard and there are lots of Youtube videos showing you how. If you must take it to get something repaired, take it to a private RV dealership that you trust. Buying an RV that is several years old will give the original owner time to get all the bugs worked out. The original owner also takes the big depreciation hit.
  13. I did all that stuff to my Stoeger and it greatly improved it. I shot it for 7 years and thought it was a good shotgun. Then, somebody let me shoot a slicked up SKB. There is no comparison. My Stoeger has been in the gun safe for many years now. It may never see the range again. Tip from Experience: If you get the spring too light, you'll know it because the action will open up every time you fire it.
  14. And now the neighborhood has a vacant lot, a few less jobs and a well earned reputation that will prevent future businesses from locating there.
  15. They have already doubled the price of primers in the last 3 years. What's 5% more?
  16. Your going to like that Coyote V8. I'm an old guy but if I'm not careful, the teenager in me comes out.
  17. I don't see why any firearm companies still manufacture in the Northeast.
  18. A number of jurisdictions won't do a police report for traffic accidents on private property where there are no injuries. One of the consequences of defunding the police.
  19. Only the loser gets prosecuted for war crimes.
  20. Some Blackhawks came with a .357 cylinder and a 9 mm cylinder. Drop a .357 cartridge into the cylinder and see which one you have.
  21. The rifle caliber change will have a very small impact on the stage time. The time difference between shooting a .38 7 times vs. shooting a .40+ cal. 7 times can't be much. The match will continue to be won by the people who can master the 1911 loading and shooting. Shooting 6 targets down with the preloaded shotgun is just a matter of don't get sloppy. The biggest issue will be that the folks that have invested big money into a .40+ rifle may have a hard time selling it since the demand has just dried up. I personally will be cleaning my Marlin 1894 .45 and storing it in the back of the safe. I'll be using my gamer 1873 .357.
  22. The price is in line with every thing else that is going up. I just hope they got the QC issues ironed out. Remington kind of damaged Marlin's reputation.
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