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  1. Camper is loaded down and we are heading towards the campground this morning. Save me a piece of high ground. Might have to stop off and get some brisket at Bucee's on the way.
  2. I've run the trigger through my finger a few times but it's never taken a chunk out. Ouch. It's the harmless looking tools that get you.
  3. Buckles seem to be pretty popular these days. Award to top 3 places. Clean shoot pins or coins. Buckles are expensive and you'll need to order the number carefully. A nicer buckle will stand out in someone's collection and remind them of your match every time they look at it.
  4. You should have everything figured out by the time you get back home.
  5. I find it interesting that you can sell land but retain mineral and/or water rights. Obviously the land is taxed but are the mineral and water rights taxed annually also? This is a western thing. I've never heard of separating water and mineral rights from the property ownership in the Southeast. It is just assumed that everything goes together.
  6. I knew I should have gone to Mississippi and kept an eye on Preacherman. Looks like he shot pretty well. Must be that new fancy camper.
  7. I bought one of those Ruger Mark IV about 10 years ago. I was cruising through the local gun store, minding my own business, when I saw the Mark IV listed for $249.00. I thought that was a pretty decent price and bought it. We get to take our guns home the same day. I still take it out occasionally and shoot it. Fun pistol to shoot but kind of a pain to reload. Only holds the politically correct 10 rounds. Never, ever take it apart if you don't have the owner's manual handy.
  8. I guarantee that tooth is still hurting. It's just in the doctor's trash can, hurting all by itself.
  9. I found that slip hammering was a bad habit. Everything is fine as long as the targets are big and close. Move the targets out and make them smaller and you'll be getting a lot of misses trying to slip hammer them. Trying to change techniques depending on the stage was problematic for me too. It's best to just cock, aim, fire.
  10. Jackson's Western Store in Ashville, N.C. makes nice leather gear and they will customize it for you. I would recommend getting some used stuff to get started and after you figure out what you really want, then buy once and cry once.
  11. I don't do catch and release on snakes.
  12. Saw Ringer at the Ky state match about 3 weeks ago. Always fun to talk to and a heck of a shooter. I first met him at Possum Trot in 2007 and he made me feel like family. He will be sorely missed. Prayers up for his family and the whole Ponderosa Pines gang.
  13. I've been thinking about some epoxy projects for a while but the cost of materials gives me pause. It could be a very expensive learning curve.
  14. This Magnificent 7 idea was pure genius. I can personally say that I was prompted to add two state matches to our travels this year. I still didn't get to all 7 matches but I will shoot 6 of them. It's a great way to promote matches in the Southeast. I hope CBB will consider doing this again next year.
  15. Good match. Congratulations to the winners. One of my favorite matches.
  16. It's already been done. It just ain't been released for the same reason they don't post who is shooting in what category. It cuts way down on the last minute requests and changes. I'm sure most posse requests were honored as best as could be managed. Kajun does a pretty good job of putting it together. And if you don't like how it turns out, I have a pretty good rope you can borrow, but I'm going to need it back.
  17. I think it's in a constant state of flux until Thursday morning. There's a whole lot of cyphering that goes into producing the posse lists.
  18. Festus Hagan couldn't have explained it any better.
  19. https://www.srscowboy.com/data/2023/SHOOTERS_LIST.pdf Fretless, you're on the list. Good to go.
  20. The FRT issue is similar to the arm brace on the AR-15 pistols. I'm pretty confident that the ATF won't be given the authority to make millions of people felons with the swipe of the pen from some administrator. For the time being, I would separate them from the firearm and store them in a very good hiding place until all the challenges have worked their way through the courts and the laws are firmly established.
  21. I heard from a semi-reliable source that we are over 180 shooters. Of course I may be mistaken cause I'm still learning to interpret Swamp French. He may have been talking about the weigh-in of the LSU cheerleaders. It's time to start packing the camper. This is going to be a good one.
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