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  1. Florida has a number of issues related to real estate. Property insurance has become very expensive and difficult to get due to hurricanes and state laws. Buying a condo n a building over 3 stories now comes with a hidden time bomb. Due to the recent condo collapse which killed a bunch of people, all condos over a certain height and age have to be inspected and certified by an engineer. Many of these older condos have not been keeping up with maintenance and there is going to be huge assessments in the near future. It's not cheap living in paradise.
  2. Thank you Capt Bill Burt for putting this together. It's a great idea that certainly got some shooters to try shooting at new places around the South East. I know I was one of them. Sorry I couldn't be at the Tennessee match for the awards. Congratulations to Preacherman for whooping me in the Gunfighter category. Pretty good shooting for somebody that sleeps in a tent.
  3. Something about Out F**** Standing!!!
  4. Widder, I'm sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and your family. 96 years!!! We should all be so lucky.
  5. You probably have some stray shot floating around in the action causing mischief.
  6. If it starts to thunder and lightning, we all go stand under a metal shelter and eat Dilly bars until it passes. Hope this puts your mind at ease.
  7. If your house turns into a smoking hole, I'll tell them it was the 100 lbs of black powder and not a meth lab. That should at least salvage your reputation.
  8. I think I found the problem. Financial Times has found out about the European arms manufacturers’ concerns regarding their dependency on Chinese cotton used in gunpowder propellants. Possible supply constraints threaten the ability to expand production to support Ukraine in the war.
  9. I used the RCBS stuck case remover to get a .223 case unstuck. It costs about $20.00. You have to drill and tap the primer hole but brass is soft and it's an easy process. A vise is almost required. I'd recommend using case lube on those bigger pistol cases next time.
  10. The dishwasher, stove and refrigerator are all connected to wifi. Totally worthless feature but fun to play with.
  11. Congratulations. You have arrived. I retired about 8 years ago and I adjusted to it really well. I'll be at the Mississippi State match in a couple of weeks. Hope to see you there.
  12. These days the only wiring you need is to plug the TV in to the outlet. Everything else is done with the remote control following prompts on the TV screen. Sound bars are really nice bacause the flat screen TVs don't have room for a decent speaker. That's going to take another wire or two. Our TV has built in Roku. I highly recommend getting this feature for the preinstalled programming. Lots of it is free.
  13. I still use the Dillon powder check for loading .223/5.56. The RCBS lockout die doesn’t work on bottle neck rifle cartridges.
  14. I changed my Dillon powder alarms to RCBS lockout dies. I couldn’t get the Dillon powder check die dialed in to quit chirping. The RCBS lockout due won’t detect minor powder fluctuations, but it will lock up the press for no powder and double charges.
  15. suppressor....silencer magazine...clip I use them interchangeably, but I'm a barbarian, so what do I know.
  16. The short barrel rifle will cost you a $200 tax stamp plus some paperwork. I don't think there's an exception for old guns, factory original or not. The good news is that the ATF seems to be fast tracking NFA paperwork right now. At least on suppressors.
  17. I found out last year that white kitchen appliances don't cook good anymore. We had to upgrade to matching stainless steel appliances. Now they cook good but she hardly ever cooks anymore. Did you know that 25 year old kitchen appliances have $0 resale value? They all worked just fine. People won't even haul them off for free.
  18. I had a batch of "bad primers" several years ago. I took several of bad rounds home and took them apart. The primers had already been fired. That means that my 650 almost punched the spent primer out, removing the firing pin dimple, and then reseated the the spent primer. I solved this problem by getting a Lee universal decrimping die. (About $20.00) Now I deprime all my cases before cleaning. That way, I know there are no spent primers in the cases. I have not had any "bad primers" since I started this procedure. Pull apart your bad round and see if the primer had been fired.
  19. About the only thing they haven't changed is the requirement for the 5 inch 1911 in 45 acp.
  20. Lets do the math. It's $900 for a Lifetime membership and $69 annually. That means that if I pony up for the annual membership, it will take me over 13 years to break even. I think leaving the money in a money market account currently paying 5%, I will come out much better by continuing to pay annually. If the Lifetime membership was $500, it would be much more appealing. However, if you want to do it for the purpose of supporting SASS, then the monetary consideration is irrelevant.
  21. Reloading was optional. The stage instructions did not specify that he had to reload so no spirit of the game earned.
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