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  1. I have bought stuff here and generally found everything as described and the dealings cordial. I don't sell here because I'm not techie enough to post pictures given the hoops SASS requires a seller go through to get them posted. And most of my buying and selling is for original guns and there are better markets than here for original items. That's not to say anything against SASS members but other venues offer lots more shoppers.

  2. People like Cat are the reason I don't get on here much myself. While I've met some very nice folks here there are way too many like him who give the organization a bad name. And as for his comment that if you buy from a non-member you have no recourse- what does he think is going to happen if you get cheated by a member? Is SASS going to send out a posse? Fraud is fraud and if it really occurs, the postal inspectors can be called.

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