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  1. well ... folks ... I am going to hafta cook -- Dawg did leave me some meals in the freezer though. One time he was away for 3 weeks -- I losta lot of weight that time!
  2. Coffinmaker -- I wondered when SOMEONE would mention that! Icebag in the crotch?? maybe it's a conspiracy! -- well he is a FLIRT -- but he's so nice about it! Dawg was sprung from the hospital today. The knee is stiff -- swelling is ... well SWOLLEN! but his spirits are good! I dropped him off at a friends house -- all one story -- now DON'T you all start saying "RIGHT -- she just doesn't want to hear him whine!" He's got his pain meds and friends who will make him work -- true friends indeed. I am keeping up the home front. Taking care of the house, dogs, all the stuff that PD does every day -- so I am totally exhausted at this point -- but soldiering on. I LOVE the comment about Dawg selling off his old knee -- touche! Thank you ALL for your support!
  3. Oh Yeah -- I figured Y'all wanted to hear the story, but it DID involve his privities. .. so I asked him if it was ok. I know that no one here minds it!
  4. Rye -- maybe he didn't tell you cause he figured you'd blab it all over town! uh -- I DID obtain permission to relay my little anecdote
  5. So ... I go to visit the Dawg in his room yesterday -- I had seen him in recovery, but they don't let you stay for long. "How's it going?" -- he tells me ok, but his temperature is low. 94 -- hmm wonder why? Then a few minutes later he's talking about this ice bag in his crotch. My slow gears are starting to turn and I'm thinking "What's it doin there???" He HAD had an icebag on his leg in Recovery. So I tells him, "WELL that's the reason your temp is low, get that thing outa there!" In his drugged mind he figured the nurses put the ice bag in his crotch cause he had a catheter -- you gotta remember -- da Dawg has NEVER had any surgical procedures. He didn't know that the ice bag was originally on his leg, it just musta shifted when they moved him to the room. Moved the ice bag -- temp is normal -- isn't medicine simple??
  6. Prairie Dawg was out of surgery around 10 am -- or so. Doc and Nurses said everything went really well. I'll be seeing him after he gets out of recovery -- at around noon. I'm bringing him his computer, he'll get a kick outa all your comments! Thanks everyone! Skipper EDIT: He wanted me to bring the Gunfighters DVD so he can work on stages! What a character
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