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  1. Do you still have the marlin CBC? Would like pics please? bekkfarm@msn.com

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    2. Nevada Gambler, SASS #10225

      Nevada Gambler, SASS #10225

      I've looked over things and this is the same offer I refused last time.  If you want the gun, the price is $1200 plus shipping and insurance.  One just sold on the SASS Wire for $1000 and the seller was kind enough to let them know that it didn't function.  I don't think my price is ridiculous for a gun that runs smooth and fast.  Do you want it or not?  

      -- Nevada

    3. MBFields
    4. Nevada Gambler, SASS #10225

      Nevada Gambler, SASS #10225

      Ok let me find the cheapest shipping price,  I spent several hrs today on the phone and computer.  You get several answers,  but looks like both UPS And FedEx have went to next day overnite for all firearms.  Contacted 2 FFLs said they ship the same plus there fee.  Want to try some other FFL and go to a FEDEX hub and see price.

      want to ship at the best price.  If you have any knowledge as to best way to ship let me know.

      thanks Nevada

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