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  1. Tom, I wanted all of the holsters in case you needed clarification. We use them for new shooters at our range.




    Chris Hardy

    1521 Otto Road

    Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001





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    2. Black Tom

      Black Tom

      Holsters shipped this morning. hope they help with new shooters.


    3. Assassin


      Received the holsters today. They are great!

      Looking forward to watching new shooters when they use good leather vs. cheap pancake rigs. They don't believe the difference until you show them.





    4. Black Tom

      Black Tom

      Glad you like them. 


  2. Hey Joe, Miss Hattie wanted Belle's email, I could not get my messages after they changed the format on the Wire, belldrewry@q.com

    Hope all is well. LL'

  3. I need to sweet talk my wife in order to post pics. What is your email address? That's the only way I know how to send pics.


  4. I have a pair made by J.R. Reyes, he made boots for Pale Rider, Josey Wales, Saving Pvt.Ryan, Tombstone, and many others. They are 10.5, black, with a white star on the top front. I can send pics if you're interested. I would like $200. I'm pretty rough on boots and did not want to ruin these so I only wore them twice. They're just sitting in my loading room, not doing me much ...

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