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  1. Hi Rico,

    I've been advised that you may have a 1887 coyote cap tuned lever shotgun for sale.

    If you have I'd be interested.



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    2. RICO, SASS #9760LIFE

      RICO, SASS #9760LIFE

      Sorry I don't have Paypal.............I'm what's called technology paranoid........

      I don't understand and so don't use much technology. I know too many people who

      have been ripped off by buyers using everything from bad checks to counterfeit Bank Money Orders.

      That's why I only do face to face or Postal Money Orders. I haven't seen or heard of anyone who can counterfeit Postal Money Orders.................Yet. This is why I told Sadalia Dave I didn't think we could work anything out "Internationally", as you don't have access to U.S. Post Office, and unless you come to Arizona, FTF is out of the question.......



    3. Jackaroo, # 29989

      Jackaroo, # 29989

      OK Rico :lol: I have my US go to man and I can get him to fix it for us, so no problem.

       I could also just mail you a check from my US bank account, it will take a while to get there but it will be good.:D

      Let me get a hold of CC and see if it's what I need.

      Stand by.....

    4. Jackaroo, # 29989

      Jackaroo, # 29989

      Hi Rico,

      Ok I've heard back from Coyote.

      He says it's an early cast one, and did not do too many as all others are forged.

      He said to: 

      Open the lever and look at the left side of the hammer for my signature and action job number.

      If not there, then I did not work on it, but it still would work for Wild Bunch and SASS cowboy.





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