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  1. scratch,lets try this e-mail for pictures of the 1858.mitten@surewest.net

    Thanks pard,murf

  2. Nemisis,I have a LEE 10 lb lead melting pot.It's new in the box.I'm on the west coat and just saw your post befor bedtime.I can e-mail you with all the info if your on thursday interested.


  3. Bill, do you have pictures of the 36.cal navy revolver for sale.



  4. charlie,Is the Henry still for sale?


  5. Charlie,do you have original box and papers for it? and are there any dings or schratches on the rifle.i'm very very interested in buying it.I have been looking for one for some time.i'm here in california and I have an FFL dealer to send the rifle to.do you have a problem with that.

    Thanks you,sean murphy AKA murf

  6. Yankee,is there any drag lines on the cylinder.And is the action solid.

    Thanks pard,murf

  7. BB, did you just pm me with info on a walker for sale?

    THanks pard,murf

  8. BB, did you just pm me with info on a walker for sale?

    THanks pard,murf

  9. CCB,no i have not gotten a walker yet.do you have one for sale?


  10. mingo,i'm realyl sorry not getting back to you sooner.To be honest I forgot.I realy want just a BP walker right now.Thank you for sending my info to the fella at the frontier folk page.He did not get back to me,he must have sold it.Take care and thank you,murf

  11. Did you get my e-mail on the walker?

    Thanks pard.murf

  12. Hi gunstock are the opentops still available.Did tinker buy then or did he back out?.

    Thanks you sir,murphy


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