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  1. I have to agree with Garrison Joe on the Redding crimp die for 44-40 I was also using the Lee fcd but but had issues with collapsing bullets when loading smokeless. Loading with a full case of Goex never a problem. The Redding die solved the problem for the smokeless. Hochbauer
  2. I would agree with Lead Monger on this for my SG and 44-40....Although I generally use Goex FFF in my ROA's and 38 spcl. Hochbauer
  3. Anyone have a Lee .456 conical bullet mold gathering dust that needs a new home? Want to give this a try instead of round balls in the ROA's. Hochbauer
  4. Here in PA we are done for the season shooting outdoors. But we do have an indoor shoot January and February pistol and rifle only. No black powder. Today was the January match and I got to use my 1911. It was a fun match,an excuse to shoot and hang with some good people. I don't believe anyone gave a hoot that I shot 1911. But I did check in advance with the match director that it would be ok. Hochbauer
  5. Misty I added my name and wifes name to work the show on Saturday with Bubba Bear...will we be getting some type of confirmation? Sgt Hochbauer & Dances with Toe Shoes
  6. My friend and his friend will be joining SASS the have begun to buy guns. For the time being they are planning on sharing the expense of a rifle. One has a mind to get a Henry big boy in 38 spcl. Please share your opinions good or bad aside from price why he should or should buy this for SASS. They have already shot one match using my 66 in 44 wcf and 38 spcl Vaqueros Thanks Sgt H
  7. You might also want to check Harbor Freight Hochbauer
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