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  1. Just curious but how little were they asking for it? I had a pair of OMV in 44-40 that were an NRA spcl edition with 6.5 in barrels for some reason did not care for them ...of course had sellers remorse after that. But now have a pair of USFA 44spcl and have 44-40 cylinders. Very sweet to shoot with 44 Russian if I shoot smokeless. Hochbauer
  2. Not to hijack this thread as I had a 38-55 question how can I tell which length brass to buy? Its for a Winchester 94. Hochbauer
  3. I put the Slix nipples on my ROA's and only use the Rem 10. I have some 11 but just use them to clear the nipples. Wont even try the CCI Hochbauer
  4. Nickel City I will take them...where do I send the coin. I can do paypal if you like.
  5. I purchased these loading tubes several years ago but cannot recall from where. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance Hochbauer
  6. I have loaded BP subs but if you do stick to 3f the 2f is like trying to get charcoal briquettes down the powder measure. That said I load Goex 2f through my Dillon with no problems and for my shotgun a MEC jr also with Goex 2f. If you don't reload at this time would be a good skill to acquire, as I hate to imagine how much that ammo is going to cost you. Enjoy your new toy! Hochbauer
  7. I have been shooting a hammered dbl for the past several years. It kind of throws me off if I shoot a hammerless one. But there is a 97 in the safe that comes out on the rare occasion that I shoot wildbunch or for whatever reason at the time to shoot smokeless. My usual category is frontiersman so the hammered double is what I have been shooting. But to add to my madness I have been playing with an 87 and am liking it. Not sure if I will shoot that at a big match but time will tell and the hammered double will come along just in case. Just my 2 cents worth Hochbauer
  8. That rifle would go real nice with my pistols.....pretty gun. I have handled my friends Miroku and it was real nice out of the box. Why wait for using the Holy Black? Sgt H
  9. Welcome to the wonderful world of shooting capguns. Lots of tricks to the trade. I preload some tubes with the powder charge that I like and put 10 in a ziplock bag so when I have to load they are ready and do not have or want to mess with a powder flask. I had gotten what was called speed loader tubes cannot think of from where. Then have a container with my lubed wads and for the balls. I did change out the nipples on the guns and that helped make them more reliable. When you are at a match and see someone shooting them don't be shy and ask questions
  10. Here is my jogging stroller cart set up to carry 3 long guns muzzles up (sorry guns were in safe) If you would like other pics drop me a line. The holders on the tray in front have inserts to hold the pistols and there is also an ammo box that goes on the front. The top is removable so the cart folds down easily once off. The funny thing is that I have a 4 gun rugged gear cart but that is basically my wife's. Hochbauer
  11. Clean a hat...what an idea. But the hat sponges do work well. Being a darksider I have come to think of those stains as added personality to my lighter colored hats. Hochbauer
  12. I have mixed feelings on the wet tumbling...but when I throw in brass that sort of looks moldy they dont look moldy when they come and if deprimed the pocket look nice as well. I think I have overdone it with the lemishine..cases come out clean but dull. Would like to know where to get ceramic media to try that Lumpy Gritz mentioned...
  13. Ruger was not bad to get through to when I called them in the past. I have a pair of USFA in 44 spcl with 44-40 cylinders but each set of cylinders is marked with the caliber and ser # of each gun. Would be my luck to go to a match and not have either the correct ammo or matching cylinders. Hochbauer
  14. TJ, I have tried my hand at pan lubing and found that to be more trouble than what its worth to me. That said I found a used RCBS luberisizer not sure which model and likely bought from someone on the wire the dies and top punches too. Perhaps put something on the classifieds WTB sizing dies and top punches...Sizing and lubing is not my favorite part of the process of casting. But I still have to clean my dies time to time and ESPECIALLY if you are using a Lee fcd for a necked bullet such as 44-40. But now just because you reminded me about pan lubing just might have to try again. That's my 2 cents worth. Hochbauer
  15. I honestly do not know the answer but were it me and that question popped into my head sometime over the weekend, I would be calling Ruger 1st thing Monday morning to double check. Is that 9mm cylinder sold with the gun as a set or as an optional item. If sold as set they could possibly be tuned to a specific gun...just a thought. Hochbauer
  16. I have found that Lee dies in .38/357 work well and with using the Lee factory crimp die. The Redding profile crimp dies works awesome for my 44-40 when loading smokeless powder, where the Lee die was not as good for me but fine for BP loads. Could have been me as well. I use a little of everything as far as dies go but do like the Dillon sizing decapping die very much. that's my 2 cents Hochbauer
  17. My normal match shotgun is a hammered double it seems strange to shoot any double without hammers. That said I do enjoy shooting my 97 but don't use it enough to be consistent on how I load it. This year I am going to try and have fun with an 87 definitely going to be a challenge as if shooting Frontiersman is not enough. Best to try shooting as many as you can before you buy and see what you are most comfortable shooting. Hochbauer
  18. I have been shooting a Uberti 66 in 44-40 feeding it a regular diet of Goex 2f I have not really done much as far as tuning other than changing some springs. That said having handled a box stock Miroku Winchester it was pretty sweet and would certainly like having one of their 73 also 44-40. Generally I shoot Frontiersman so am not having to worry so much about matching ammo. But I have a pair of Vaqueros in .357 that I enjoy shooting too. So then there is a mix of ammo no biggie as I also load .38 for the Mrs. Try as many as you can before you buy. Thats my 2 cents Hochbauer
  19. I know someone had it on here and I could not find the post for it. I just finished my last bottle of Clays and have a pretty full 4lb jug of unique. In the past someone had given some data for a light load. I have been loading 7/8oz loads for my wife. Any info would be appreciated and if you know which Mec bushing I would need to use. Thanks Hochbauer
  20. I have been shooting my Uberti 66 also in 44wcf I changed the lifter springs...other than that its pretty stock. I also cast my own bullets and make my own lube too. Just fill up the cases with Goex and it will take a few hours for that grin to come off your face after shooting it. On another note if and when you get your reloading dies I bought the Redding profile crimp die. I normally use the Lee factory crimp die for all my other ammo. But the 44-40 gave me some issues when on the rare occasion loading smokeless...collapsing cases. This solved the problem for me...others may or may not agree on that. Lastly that rifle is way to shiny it might blind the RO. Sgt Hochbauer
  21. I use a square load 1 oz shot dipper of Goexff 1oz of shot either 7.5 or 8 ...powder nitro card fiber wad and then shot with over shot card hot glued over the shot. But I just got from Circlefly paper shot cups. From what he told me there were good reports on how they worked. I have loaded up some but have not yet had the chance to try them out. Not sure if they are on his website www.circlefly.com his # is 717 862-3600 Hochbauer
  22. I know there are no parts available from Hornady. Am looking for a large primer tube. I have several shell plates for the machine I would be happy to trade one for the primer tube. They are as follows : 01,06,16,08,30,32...am not sure at what calibers these are for. Also not sure if they will fit a current LNL press. If interested in the shell plates make me an offer I cannot refuse. Hochbauer
  23. I have to agree with Garrison Joe on the Redding crimp die for 44-40 I was also using the Lee fcd but but had issues with collapsing bullets when loading smokeless. Loading with a full case of Goex never a problem. The Redding die solved the problem for the smokeless. Hochbauer
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