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  1. SPF The belt to the first hole is 37”, the last hole is 42”. The belt is 2” wide. A left and a right hand holster with hammer tie downs This fits 5 1/2” barrels single action revolvers. Also included is a 6 round shotgun slide and a 38 caliber 6 round slide. The price is $115.00 shipped. If you buy it email me directly to wintertexan@netscape.com or call me at 402-802-0140, so we can exchange addresses. I have had trouble receiving sass pms.
  2. Krude    email me at wintertexan@netscape.com, or call me at 402-802-0140, so we can exchange address.  

  3. Yul Lose Ive checked my spam, and mail. nothing from you except my posting. Which shows nothing about you its all about me. I can not understand what the problem is. As I have sold several other items in the last week. Anyways, give me a call at 402-802-0140 That way we can exchange address. Sorry about the problems. I have your cases boxed up and ready to ship.
  4. Yul Lose and Salthy Pawl you are sending your emails through SASS wire, all I get is my posting from you. You need to email direct to wintertexan@netscape.com Salthy, I think I have your address already. I assume you have mine.
  5. Yul Lose I seem to be having problems receiving emails. I have your name on the 3 you wanted. Please send me a email at wintertexan@netscape.com with your address, and I will supply you with mine. wintertexan
  6. Salty Pawl I seem to be having problems receiving emails through sass. If you did not receive my email with my addresson please email me diredt at wintertexan@netscape.com
  7. Item # 4 Okla Krude, Have you received my address? If not, I have no idea what the problem is. You could send me a emai direct at wintertexan@netscape.com or call me at 402-802-0140
  8. All SPF Hanging up my spurs and have the following 6 cowboy gun cases for sale. I want $15 a piece or 2 for $25 shipped. Did you guys get my emailed address? If not email me at wintertexan@netscape.com
  9. Item #4 measurments are approximately 5 1/4" tall and 1 3/4" wide at the widest spot. You can tighten or loosen the cover by adjusting the leather ties (straps)
  10. Since I am giving up my spurs I have some miscellaneous cowboy items for sale. Item 1 SPF is new 38 caliber amno wood block - $20 shipped Item 2 SPF is leather 38 caliber shell holder new - $30 shipped Item 3 SPF is a used leather butt stock cover with a recoil pad installed - $20 shipped Item 4 SPF is a new leather butt stock cover -lowered price to $25.00 shipped
  11. Text me pics, please. 512-626-6937 Thanks

  12. If you don't have any luck finding Rugers with 4.62" barrel, I have a pair of old model Vaquero's blued, with the Ruger fake Ivory grips. They do have 5 1/2" barrels. If interested, send me your cell phone number, and I will send you pictures. Mine are 357 also.
  13. SOLD Thanks I have for sale the following: Two black holsters that fit 5 1/2" single actions.One left hand and one right hand. I used Ruger Old Model Vac's. One black belt, which measures from the samallest hole 37" to the largest hole 44". The belt has shell holders on the back for 38 cal rounds. Also one black 6 round shotgun slide. If you send me your cell phone number, I will send you some pictures. $75.00, shipped to your home.
  14. My cell number is 52-817-8124 - please send me pictures of the 357 Marlin - Thanks

  15. SPF I have for sale a Marlin 1894JM 357mag rilfe with a 24" barrel. Wood has a few dents from riding in the gun cart. The gun functions perfect. I did install a spring kit in the rifle. $1050.00 shipped to your FFL holder. (Lower 48 states) Make sure your FFL holder will except the rifle from a non-FFL holder. If you would like a picture of the rifle, send me your cell phone number, and I will send you pictures.
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