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  1. Doc Marks I'm not sure I can answer your question. I had two pair of boots by diff mfgs. one was 12 M and this one is 12 W. Now my SAS shoes are 12 W. I know with this pair I always wore a pair of heavy socks. If you need more info, email me at wintertexan@netscape.com
  2. Durango cowboy boots, size 12 wide. Good condition. $35 shipped. Sometimes I have problems getting emails from Sass so email me at wintertexan@netscape.com.
  3. VIDETTE Once again I have not received your message through SASS. I tryed to send you a PM, but it says your box is full, and you can not receive any more messages. Please E Mail direct at: wintertexan@netscape.com Texan
  4. A pair of heavy lined cowboy gun cases with leather tie down straps. $35 a piece shipped .SPF Sometimes I have problems receiving emails through SASS. Please email me if your interested at wintertexan@netscape.com
  5. YOUNGSON Send me your cell phone number to wintertexan@netscape.com and I will text you pictures of the hat.
  6. Jack   email me at wintertexan@netscape.com

  7. Reaper   email me at wintertexan@netscape.com   

  8. Caroline Reaper & Jasper Jack please email me direct at wintertexan@netscape.com
  9. Item 9: Cowboy duster coat, size XL, $47.50 shipped. SPF Item 10: Cowboy pants, 38x29, $15 shipped. SPF Item 11: Cowboy pants, 38x29 ,has a repair on one leg $15 shipped SPF Item 12: Cowboy pants, 38x29, $15 shipped SPF Item 13: Void Item 14: Black Wolf boots, size 12M, $35 shipped SPF Item 15: Modern cowboy hat, size 7 1/4, $20 shipped SPF Item 16: Rodeo King cowboy hat, size 7 3/8, $30 shipped SPF Item 17: Bronco cowboy hat, size ? (guess 7 1/2 or larger) Inside tag is gone. it is bigger than then #16. Had to add paper in the inside rim. $30 ship
  10. Gambler Rob I can not find receiving a pm or e mail from you. Sometimes I have problems receiving pm. Please send me a email directly to wintertexan@netscape.com Thanks Texan
  11. Cowboy is retired. So selling my outfits. Item 1: Cowboy shirt size XL, $25 shipped to your home SPF Item 2: Cowboy shirt, size XXL, $20 shipped SPF Item 3: Cowboy shirt, size XL, $20 shipped SPF Item 4: Cowboy shirt, size XL, $20 shipped SPF Item 5: Void Item 7: Cowboy suspenders, $12 shipped SPF Item 8: Cowboy bandanna neckerchief, $10 shipped SPF Sometimes I have problems receiving emails through Sass so please contact me directly at wintertexan@netscape.com
  12. Hi I have a XXL shirt I'm going to be placing on the wire for sale. I would take $22.50 shipped to you. Also, I have 2 cowboy hats that I am also going to sell. One is marked 7 3/8 the other is unmarked. There two big for me, so I have had to put paper strips in the hats to make them smaller. They are used, but I have been wearing them. I would take $25.00 shipped to you for a hat. I'm getting out of cowboy shooting. If you would like to see a pictures, send me your cell phone number to 210-867-4992 and I will send you pictures. Lee
  13. Krude    email me at wintertexan@netscape.com, or call me at 402-802-0140, so we can exchange address.  

  14. Text me pics, please. 512-626-6937 Thanks

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