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  1. I think John Boy has it right, I bet the headspace in that revolver is noticeably less that the others, upping the charge may solve the problem or it may not, I had a tightly headspaced revolver that would only function with certain brass that had a thinner rim.
  2. Split extractors is the easy way to tell if your gun has ejectors or extractors, if they are split you need the ejector mechanism disabled, shouldn't be a problem otherwise.
  3. been experimenting my ownself, here is what I have come up with imr4227-good for supersonic, less velocity than others h110-generally good 1680-excellent for heavier bullets-150 and up, including subsonic lil-gun-generally good according to the book the last two generate less pressure, most of my load development has been with the last three and in pistol ar haven't tried the cfe 300 blk yet
  4. Problem was mostly jacked rounds with light primer hits
  5. I run my rifle in 2.5 or slightly faster, I have a rifle that will give me fits about half the time when I run at that speed, its perfect at around 3 seconds or more, my first thought was that the problem was the loose nut behind the trigger but my other rifle runs great as fast as I can run, which is around 2.2 on a good day, with a problem less that one time in ten. The guns are as close as possible in trigger pull, stroke length and spring tension. The one that won't run (for me) is a Miroku, love the guns balance and weight but had to go back to my old Uberti. I thought I was outrunning th
  6. won a regional side match with a borrowed Bond so obviously thats what I had to have, have won several more since BUT the last several years have not seen deringer side matches as often as I used to. Would still go with Bond if I wanted a deringer, have owned and sold several other brands over the years.
  7. Awesome lady and great cowboy shooter, I had the honor of watching her win a state championship. Always had a smile for you even when she wasn't feeling well. MT Prairie Dog-thoughts and prayers are with you my friend.
  8. TN-haven't owned one long, about 6 months, like it way better than my 22/45, have killed a few grouse with it and lots of rocks in the gravel pit. I looked at the new gen Rugers, and the equivalent Buck Mark, The Rugers were out right away, felt like clubs next to the Victory and the BM, The BM grip felt better and I was leaning that way untill I tried to reach the mag release, can't believe the engineers put a mag release where you can't reach it without a total regrip of the firearm. I'm quite happy with my choice.
  9. Hombre has it right, even thought your idea sounds reasonable the slower powder is also usually faster in the shorter barrel as well. Doc
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