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  1. On 2/20/2023 at 12:45 PM, Larsen E. Pettifogger, SASS #32933 said:

    J. Hornady has been around for quite a while.  I just Googled their site and it says not secure.  Maybe they are having problems with hackers.  To you question I live in the desert and it is often 110+ with very low humidity.  I bought four of the shirts and to me (and I emphasize to ME) I do not like what feels like hot dry nylon on my skin.  In extremely hot weather I prefer good old cotton.  In climates with high humidity sweat may make them feel different.

    Hard to beat the old blue chambry.

  2. The Wilmington Rough Riders will be shooting Saturday the 21st.The weather is predicted upper 50s.Registration 8.30 safety meeting 9.45.

    Not found on the sites Wilbur. Can you provide location for me to put in my GPS? Will be grateful.

  3. You also try holding down the Ctrl key they hit the + key to enlarge the text and you can make smaller by holding the Ctrl key down while hitting the - key.


    These changed are not permanent.

    Next time you turn on your computer it will go back to your default settings.

    We need this process to change target size. :D:D:D:unsure:

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  4. I can see it now!


    Visualize the MD asking for fly inspection volunteers to go into the crowd and check everyone's crotch. :blink:


    That could be added to SPOTTER'S responsibilities. Shouldn't slow the Shoot down as this could also be done at the loading table, much like looking at guns to make sure they are properly loaded. Just a quick glance would suffice.

  5. Where in the rules does it state pants need to have button flies? What book, what page? We don't need another category to accomodate a phantom rule.

    To be Period Correct. All the True West seem to have button fly. Why does Levi have 501?

  6. Really??


    Ammo belts must be worn so all ammo is positioned at or below the belly button.

    SHB p. 11

    In my observation I have been quite puzzled at the unusual locations of belly buttons. SASS certainly has a lot of members who possess strategically located ones. The only way I see to monitor this would be for all shooters to shoot topless or have a stage examiner in addition to spotters and posse marshal and score keeper. I guess it could be done at the loading table. Anyway, I am for doing away with use of the shotgun---it's a real time waster and hurts the ladies' shoulders.

  7. I was under the assumption that pants were supposed to have a button fly, but after examining these have found that they have zipper fly. What would I do, remove the zipper and shoot with a gap, or bring back the safety pin. Should we consider opening a new class for zipper fly shooters?

  8. While remaining within the rules applying to external modifications, what options would one have to allow the hammers to be cocked easier with a sweeping motion. (bending, spring work, adding extensions, changing hammers, etc.) I have a Rossi and a T.Barker I am winterizing with.

  9. Hello the camp,


    I'm sad to report that our gun cart perished in a shed fire recently. My wife, Lanky Jane, is a pretty fair carpenter, and will build another one; however, we have not been able to source the wheels we seek. We need a retailer for inflatable tires on spoked rims, like bicycle tires, only with a hole through the hub that will enable a piece of bar stock inserted as an axle.


    Anyone know of a source for such a cart wheel?



    Gunther Cartright------Off the wall carts may be able to help you. Has wood and spoke type.

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