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  1. When I worked at Digital Equipment Corporation, I worked very early hours, at my own choice. I could get a lot done without any interruptions.  The plant was for software engineers, three buildings, a total of eleven floors.  The company set the floors up with 2, 4 or 6 little kitchens for coffee machines with small fridges and Bunn coffee makers but they left it tO the employees to figure out how to buy/sell coffee and milk and whatever.


    one morning near 4am, I came to work, walked to my office on a carpeted path as was my custom. Whoa!  Our coffee station had a nice wooden box for collecting money, there was a security guard bending over the box with a knife. Many stations used only a styrofoam cup to collect money. I said to the guard “What’s up” though I knew.  He said he was trying to get change and showed me a large wad of bills.


    now consider this, if you are trying to get coins out of a cash box, you will turn it upside down. From the top you are fishing for bills.


    so... I sent an email to “security @ .....” remember it was 4am. He saw the email had time to make up a story. About 8 am I get an email requesting me to talk with the security supervisor. I told her the story and she said she would tell me of the fault within a few days which never happens because it is a hr issue.


    it still amazes me how something like that can be remembered like it was yesterday but I can’t find where I left my keys

    He was gone the next day.




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  2. 19 minutes ago, Cliff Hanger #3720LR said:

    I took it as a needed correction.

    Nothing more.

    I remembered wrong.

    I can do that at times.


    I am just a follower of air and sea craft.

    Currently building functional RC submarines.


    George Washington 1/144 scale 31.75" (currently being modified)


    Great hobby.


    need something like a U-boat on the bottom of a fish tank.  ))))

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