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  1. And not even trying to sell you an extended warrantee for you car.
  2. And let the state collect 2X fines for speeding in work zones.
  3. But every state can be different.
  4. I listened to a NH F&G guy talk about new rules for moose hunting (again this is for NH ). Hunter could bring a non-permitted person along with him to help, either drive animal into a path or for hauling out of the woods, and if was the deep woods you were allowed to just bring the forequarters. if it was a cow moose they ask that you bring the ovaries so they can record her age and number of times she had calved. (Guy in the back of the room shouted, “How do you know, it’s all guts?”) rules have probably changed since then.
  5. I was thinking of a favorite local restaurant that closed down some time ago, before the WWW and figured I’d look it up. They served a Bavarian buffet and German beer in mugs, celebrated Octoberfest, etc. I found references to eBay for matchbooks and placemats, and a lawyer who handled the closure. The Drygala Haus
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