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  1. Are you talking a new guy with nothing then two Rugers revolvers to my specs, one 1873 race ready and depending on witch cat I p,an on shooting a s she or hammered s s or 87 too start. If it buying additional guns to what I have it would start with a sharps , then a marlin guide gun in 38-55 plus one to match the sharps.if for cas For any guns I guess a iwi Trevor, sp90, maybe a 9 mm ar/m4then a ar shotgun that I like with mags spotting scope that will do out to a mile ammo
  2. I have a 2" receiver and had a peice made that allows me to drop the front wheel to my ruggedgun cart in it to be towed behind my ranger. Works great tow cart up to berm push cart in berm like everyone else. Then I found if you can park where you can walk to two to four berms it's easier than loading up and moving 20' sucks.as I'm able to walk more I am going from splitting two berms and shooting both befor moving the ranger to be bestand if your lucky and do two stages per berm and only shoot four stages that day then it works out great park between the two berms you're shooting the shoot both stages then go to the other berm then leave it works great.
  3. Caliber and powder load if anything I use blue Dillon boxes for my cas loads, smoke for both loads and green mom for Wb loads, everything goes into a Dillon border shift bag before going into a box after being gauged. My modern loads go in and out of the vs bags no need to gauge yet.
  4. I bought a Frankfort Arsenal version of the hornady filler but misplaced it when I got home on that trip so been using the Dillon trays i load a thousand at a time the load until they are empty then reload the tubes
  5. Get the marlin to use while you have Lassiter tweak the awa
  6. Two questions First do you have any better photos? Second is there only one set for one gun or enough for two guns
  7. It's been a while since I did any brass shotshell loading even then I was using up the 12ga over shot cards I already had since I was glueing them anyway. But I think I'm out of them now. IIRC I need to use a 10 or 11 guage over shot card for the brass shells is that right before I order and where is the best place to get them from now, I'm going to use Remington sts/nitro wads as I prefer them to the fiber ones I'll deal with the plastic snot was hard since everything is seasoned with Amsoil mp.
  8. I had several boxes before I rolled my Rv in 09 and really liked them for bp loading while on the road. I've started buying used ones now so I can get a few hundred to load at a time and shot when I shoot bp in the future. I have used both the old Winchester hand kit, and the rcbs cowboy 12 ga cowboy setup kit and plain tools like a board with a hole drilled in it and a hammer and punch for removing the spent primer, a bord and mallet to set the new primer set the primer on the board place the shell on top and tap lightly until primer is fully seated using a muzzle loader powder guage to measure the powder and pour it in the case, both fiber and plastic wads(I preferred) ladder shot until cup is full glue over shot card in I used hot glue after experimenting with different methods I use the rcbs die in a rc II press to round the end so it loads easier.
  9. I'm gonna tell how I came about using what I am ten years later. Back in 2005 when I got in to sass I was making leather stuff for fun. I made my holsters and a nice single boscadero rig with what started out with a cross draw by the next summer I was shooting gunfighter and using a drop loop and a straight drop holster. Then I got to noticing the winners at winter ranger and EOT seem to be wear kirtpatrick long hunter holsters. A friend bought a pair of the originals and I took a good look at them and tried to make something similar but couldn't get the back right. I gave up and ordered a special order set of plain black 09 models to represent the cutting down of military holsters since I was wear a uniform back then. About a year ago I ordered a set in brown since I had started shooting classic cowboy. Then this year I ordered a set of S&W scholdfield pattern holsters that shipped yesterday. I've ordered both belt types the ranger and the taper type. I'm thinking of getting a set of the muzzle forward holsters to try out. Back when wild bunch took off I bought the evil Roy setup from mernickle and was happy at EOT I went into their tank to buy something and was in line and the misses made a comment that I didn't that was right for someone wanting to sell me something. I let it be known that I didn't like it and she kept on that trail of comments and I left not to spend a cent with them again . So kirtpatrick leather an d docs old west leather has been getting my money ever since. If I ever get a sticker for leather I will return to making my on gear again.
  10. I too found the fiber wads to blow a hole in the pattern of the shot switched to my normal wads and they shot great. I guess if I go back to bp I'll buy several hundred brass shells to load up they worked great in my old 87 also. Not so good in a 97
  11. + whatever is above plus one love my scatter guns from Johnny.
  12. Snakebite if you can get some oxygen to use before and after shooting that way your o2sat will not drop as much and if needed put the bottle on the cart with your guns for use during the shooting . I use a bipap anytime I lay down and now have a inhaler if it gets hard to catch my breath be leave me I'll have it on me or in my cart. I've got to install a 12 volt outlet in my bedroom on my ne Motorhome so I can power my bibap at night. The ny has a solar setup to recharge the batteries if I unstand the several systems setup on my rig I can set the gen set to override the quite hour settings if the batteries get below a certian level but if the gen set comes on to run the AC during the day it will also charge the batteries. I hope to test this out several nights prior to EOT. I have two major things to fix before then one is replace the microwave. That died at winter range. The other is the satellite system hasn't worked since they installed the dish and I bought a reman receiver out of their store the are saying the receiver is the problem. One minor thing need to instal trailer brake controller but didn't need it on the WR trip pulling the trailrer.
  13. I'll be there agin this year the good Lord willing. Only missed one since I started sass which was the first year they held EOT here in nm. I've not shot every year first year was a guest as it was full by the time I learned of it. But it was a big event with the valley full of venders and people. I worked as a ro. Berm marshal until they did away with that program then began paying my way. Stayed on the ranch in 2006 but went to hidden valley for several years after that then for a couple years I was already camping/Rving in ABQ so I didn't see the need to move. Then in 2012 I had the wreck that has put me down. That year I helped out as press and stayed at Kirtland AFB. The next year is the year I missed because of medical problems then in 2014 and 2015 I got a motel room in moriarty this year the motor home and shop trailer will be back on the ranch. I'll go up a day or two early stay at Kirtland AFB dump tanks and fill water and propane fill the utv tank with gas the mottohome tank with diesel and my two gas cans and the shop generator tank to run the AC in the shop. Hopefully I'll have my laser setup working fully by then and can dry fire the match in the trailer. The afternoon before shooting the stages the next day and see how that helps me lower my times. Lights and other things should be powered by solar in the trailer. My Motorhome has an drain on the coach batteries let it set for two days and low voltage and it has a solar charger.
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