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  1. Howdy pards! I am looking for a good copy or a high quality digital file of the DAMMIT Gang photo that was taken by Quigley Photography at the Gunfight Behind the Jersey Lilly in 2009. I have stupidly misplaced mine and need this photo for a project! If any of y'all can help I would be very grateful! Thanx! JJJ-D
  2. The shooter was about 6' from the shooting position....
  3. OK i just answered my own question. There is no round under the hammer therefore no violation.....
  4. I am pretty sure I know the answer, not 100%. Shooter moves to first position after the beep. Draws first pistol out of holster and takes 4 short steps (feet leave the ground) before raising the revolver and engaging the targets. Is this an SDQ? Me thinks it is.... JJJ-D
  5. Howdy Darlin'

    This is gonna be a way cool thingy....

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