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  1. This is good info. I have some 231 and want a velocity at about 1060. JJJ-D
  2. I have an aftermarket barrel that has traditional rifling specifically for lead. (Glock 19) I have Clay dot which I cannot get enough velocity with..... I tried Titegroup and it was better but not quite sufficient. I bought some Winchester 231 which another shooter here uses with good success. Gonna try that this week. The ClayDot and Titegroup work fine in my other pistol and rifle. (Ruger PC carbine and Beretts M9) JJJ-D
  3. This is great info! It gives me 98% of what i need. I just now have to get info on casting hardness for the bullets I use. (Bayou bullets 124 grain 9mm) Thanx! JJJ-D
  4. Thank y'all so much for the info. I have the lyman manual but did not know they had one just for cast bullets. I ordered it! and thank you for the info regarding differences. Some research showed that with a high quality cast bullet the threshold for leading is about 2,000 fps. I will be nowhere near that. AWESOME! JJJ-D
  5. I am looking for a way to convert powder charge data for FMJ bullets to coated rn lead bullets. Is there a way to do this? Looking to load for 9mm. a 124 gr. rn lead coated bullet in the velocity range 1040-1050. If you can help it would be best to PM me. THANX! JJJ-D
  6. Howdy Darlin'

    This is gonna be a way cool thingy....

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