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About Me

My passion is old guns. I've worked on modern guns but I don't get the thrill that I do with the old guns from our history. As a licensed and trained gunsmith, my passion is more towards working on these guns as opposed to just shooting and collecting them.


All my life I've been a tinkerer. I've built race cars. I've built motorcycles. I love getting my hands greasy but in the last 10-15 years I haven't even changed my own oil so I've moved on to doing my gun work. The neatest thing about working on these old guns is I've never had to crawl underneath one of them!



Steve Young aka Nate Kiowa Jones Sass# 6765


Steve's Guns aka "Rossi 92 Specialists"

4525 Alamosa st.

Port Arthur TX 77642






Tel: 409-984-5473



GUNBlast.com online magazine's article about Steve Young: Rossi Model 92 Specialist

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