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  1. I'll take the springs, let me know where to send funds, as paypal is okay. Thanks, Hawg.
  2. Howdy, I'll take the Brown shotgun slide if you take pay pal or personal check. Thanks, pm me mail info. Will check when get back from work.
  3. I found that resizing it twice before loading helps. I have a 4 hole Lee turant press and move thru the stations by hand and not auto move with pull of handle.
  4. I would not even consider the maker a hobbyist, more like a wannabe.
  5. Have 274 10mm uncleaned, need to be deprimed, mix head stamp, $60.00 shipped to you. Mostly brass, some nickel.
  6. I dunno, never had the desire to go on a taste binge.
  7. Same here for the same reason, if you are willing to do pay pal. Kindly send me your info, thanks.
  8. A Yankee is someone north of the Mason Dixe, a Damn Yankee is one that moves South, A God Damn Yankee is one that moves South, and then moves back North.
  9. Anyone hear anything on the bobble heads?
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