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  1. For sale is a Mernickle Gunfighter 2-holster gun belt in mahogany brown. Left and Right strong side holsters with hammer loops.  Includes matching 6-round shell holders in .38/.357 for each side (12 rounds total) and an 8-round shotshell holder in 12g.  Also includes matching accessory pouch for ear plugs, gloves, etc. that accepts a SASS badge on the outside.
    Condition for the overall rig is good.  It is well-broken in and comfortable to wear.  Holsters show a few scuffs from use.  However, the belt has been shortened somewhat poorly.  It is solid and is not clearly visible once the belt is on, but must be pointed out to any prospective buyer.  It best fits waists in the 33-38" range with the included buckle.  With a larger oval/cowboy style buckle, it will fit larger waists, depending on the size/length of the buckle. Originally used with 5 1/2” new model Vaqueros. Asking $150 plus shipping. First I’ll take it gets preference.








  2. Selling my USFA Rodeo’s. These were purchased from a collector who just “played” with them. As a result they have some handling marks as can be seen in the photos. Never fired except of course at the factory. Barrels are 4-3/4” chambered for 38 spl. Both are E serial numbers but not consecutive. These are all made in USA parts guns. The one with the red sleeve comes with the original box with label and some papers. The other with the green sleeve comes with a USFA box but it may not be original to that revolver. Stock guns no action work on ether. Asking price is $2500.00 shipped from FFL to FFL. Before committing to buy these make certain that they are acceptable in your state of residence (CA MA NJ etc). First I’ll take it posted gets preference.









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  3. I have a pair of Uberti Schofields in 38 spl and they show no sign of deterioration. The spring operated latch can't be pulled back to open the cylinder while the hammer is down. It would be nearly impossible to cock the hammer and pull back the latch at the same time. The latch can only be pulled back with the hammer at the safety notch or at full cock. I checked my original model 3 Schofield made in 1875 and it operates in the same manner.

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  4. I need to decrease the LOP of my 97 by 3/4" and add a recoil pad. I'm not much into woodworking but after watching some online videos, I think I might be able to do this job. Grinding the pad to fit I can manage. Cutting the stock is the real question. The end of the stock is curved where the butt plate is attached and I can't figure how to measure and mark the new cut line which would make the end of the stock straight. Any suggesting other than sending it out to a shop that does this?

    Thanks in advance


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