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  1. Used them both interchangeable with no issues in 38 spl. and 32 S&W.
  2. One pair of lightly used Wolverine lace up boots. They have a shaft height of 5” . Leather is soft with no cracks and only some minor scuff marks. Soles and heels are made of some type of rubber/fiber like material and have plenty of wear left in them. Size is 10 1/2 D but they run a little wide. Asking $75 shipped CUS.
  3. It’s factory stag. The other one i have has a leather grip. Both great blades.
  4. Got this at an estate sale recently. Interesting carving on the handle.
  5. Just got this flyer in from SKB. Thought someone might need a replacement stock or forend. I’ve ordered from them before and the wood is nice Turkish walnut. Not cheap but if you need a replacement they have them.
  6. Whatever you paid for it. The last one I saw sold for $650 2 months ago at an auction. It was new in the box.
  7. If you shoot wild bunch, the experience with the Mossberg would be a benefit. In that game we load 6 in the tube and let fly. Not so much for CAS.
  8. KKM fully adjustable trigger group for Walther 22 rifle. Great condition with all adjustments fully functional. $100 shipped CUS. Offers?
  9. XR-3 were the original grips for single six, also used on the early Old Army.
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