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  1. Cleaning out the parts bins I found these. I have no further use for these parts and would like to send them to someone who may have. 1 Pair of new model hammers, these were takeoffs but in as new condition. 2 Pair of old model pawls new never used. 3 Old model loading gate spring new never used. 4 one trigger spring new never used. 5 Wolf springs, 2- 19# 1- 18# Asking $100 shipped CUS for the lot. I’d be willing to sell individual items, contact me with what you need.
  2. Is the spring required for proper operation. If it’s missing will that adversely affect the operation of the shotgun. Any advantage to not having in?
  3. That is the purpose of the split ring spring located on the mag tube. Does it do anything if it’s missing? Great feedback thanks all for the info.
  4. I don’t have a PP account. Personal check would do if you’re still interested. I-tried to send you a PM but the system wouldn’t allow it.
  5. Arkansas sharpening stone #135. Nice flat stone in great shape. Stone Measures 5”x2” $25 shipped CUS SOLD
  6. One pair of lightly used Wolverine lace up boots. They have a shaft height of 5” . Leather is soft with no cracks and only some minor scuff marks. Soles and heels are made of some type of man made rubber like material and have plenty of wear left in them. Size is 10 1/2 D but they run a little wide. Asking $65 shipped CUS.
  7. I started using Win 244. It is designed for pistol use and is supposed to be cleaner burning and made for coated lead bullets. So far it’s holding up to its promotion.
  8. Check out this article on lubes. Extensive comparison of corrosion resistance and lubricity. http://www.dayattherange.com/
  9. I'm using the Evil Roy gunfighter grip and they are great.
  10. +1 for Gunslinger. He did two for me and they turned out fantastic .
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