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  1. If you still have the Mexican jacket I will take it.

    1. dahoney


      Shipped today 



  2. I am sure that most who use the crotch rocket style do so for speed but there is another purpose. For some of us with arthyrightous the angle and position of crotch rockets are actually a more comfortable position for the wrist. I keep any belt tensions (tensioners) loose so that I can easily position the holsters for any task at hand. I also like to use the cart holsters between shooting, much better when posse work is being performed.
  3. KB, as per your original post, I heard many reports of the Blue Press leaving blue highlights in those primer pockets! For this reason I decided to go with the Hornady LNL and have never looked back.
  4. I have two pairs of '60s that have the Manhattan conversions but have just really gotten my first good look at what I think you-alluns call the 'rake'. My Manhattan Conversions are dead on reliable but the rake looks much simpler to do. How does the rake rate against the Manhattan for dependability?
  5. I lost my website a while back but did stumble across this link that will show my converted Marshalls. If one reads the narratives it will be obvious that the work and the pictures are being seen ahead of my receiving the guns. Never loaded them with anything but APP under a 160gr bullet stuffed into C45Sp brass. I made a fancy pair of black fringed holsters to go with them BUT alas, someone wanted the leather worse than I. so the guns are naked again. http://www.cascity.com/forumhall/index.php/topic,47878.0.html
  6. I have a pair of cap and ball Pietta Colts that have been converted to cartridge with the Kirst system but t is somewhat a one way deal after cutting the frame. Thinking about trying it again one day with cylinders that allow you to swap back and forth between c&b or cartridge.
  7. Looked fer you at the Charleston match today. Sold a gun so may be able to get the work done sooner than later.

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