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  1. Well , I stayed up and watched the date change on my monitor. Fun's over , time for shuteye. As soon as I finish a nice Scotch and soda. Rex
  2. Is that the same cookie from Monday evening?? Rex
  3. Well , the 10 matches for me are monthlies. I did go to a Texas State about 5 years ago , and the Utah State last June. It is a pretty long drive for me to get to any match. Rex Thread has veered off from looking for Trail Boss powder a good bit.
  4. My hat is off to you , TFJ. I average about 10 matches per year. Been that way for several years now. Rex
  5. Looking in my Smith & Wesson standard catalog on page 124 , has a picture of 1st , 2nd and 3rd models. Your picture looks like the 2nd model. The 2nd model has no recoil shield , and 3rd model has a double-action trigger. Rex
  6. Thanks , Joe. I remember the original. Rex
  7. If you follow a third of it , Bob , you are about 5 times ahead of me. I lost my flip-phone a while back , got a new I-phone , been lost ever since. Rex , the poster boy for Luddite.
  8. A quick look on GunBroker shows 800.00 - 1100.00 range. Each , that is. I let a couple slip thru my silly fingers several years ago. Good luck , Rex
  9. Winchester or Browning Low-Wall would be great Nothing wrong with the Stevens , either. Good luck , Rex
  10. I have a couple I could let go of. Been using them for cart holsters myself. How about 60.00 shipped. They will fit up to a 5 1/2" without the barrel sticking out. Rex
  11. Used to shoot with a pard at Cortez , CO. that shot an all-nickel or maybe Stainless battery. His alias is Silver Claw. Rex
  12. Well , I have some , and would trade it to anyone I shoot with for a similar amount of Unique , 231 , Clays , or Universal Clays. Face to face will limit who I swap with pretty serious. Not many close-by clubs here. I'm thinking it is more than a pound , but less than two lbs. I bought it back when it was supposed to be THE ANSWER , didn't care for it. Rex
  13. Bullets gone , only have Crimson Trace grip left. #3. Crimson Trace laser grips for a N-frame Smith & Wesson square-butt. These came on a S&W model 28 that I bought at a local gun shop. Being a wood kinda guy , I swapped them for a set of Hogues soon after. I have had them about a year ; so a few days ago I contacted Crimson Trace to get one of the tiny allen wrenches that is used to adjust the sight. The sent me two of the wrenches , two new batteries , and new grip screws. Good folks there. Anyway , I would like to sell the bullets for 40.00 for either group , or 75.00 for both. Postage paid. Checking on Midway , they have these on sale for about 265.00 , so I am dropping my price to 175.00. Would like to get 175.00 for the Crimson Trace grip. Also postage paid. Thanks for looking , Rex
  14. Me , too , but I really could do without repeats of the lame ones. Rex
  15. I was working on a drilling rig in West Texas. When the crew that relieved us got there , one of the guys said "Did you hear that Kennedy got Shot". One of our crew said , "No, tell it to us." We also thought it was the lead-in to a joke. When they told us it was for real , the shock was surreal. I was 21 years old. Rex
  16. Maybe I have just been lucky. Since my first Ruger single action in 1967 , I have probably owned about 40 or 50 different ones ,and have not had that happen. Yet. Rex
  17. I have a question from reading some of the replies here. Sorry to interrupt on your thread Captain Bill Burt. Anyway , how could a base pin be in too far and interfere with the hammer if it is latched in place, same as it has always been in the past ?? Curious , Rex
  18. If Lonesome Dove is considered a movie , it's my pick. If not , it will be The Searchers. Rex
  19. The piece I was wanting sold. So my stuff is no longer for sale. Rex
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