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  1. Well , I have some , and would trade it to anyone I shoot with for a similar amount of Unique , 231 , Clays , or Universal Clays. Face to face will limit who I swap with pretty serious. Not many close-by clubs here.

    I'm thinking it is more than a pound , but less than two lbs. I bought it back when it was supposed to be THE ANSWER , didn't care for it.

    Rex :D

  2.  Bullets gone , only have Crimson Trace grip left.


    #3. Crimson Trace laser grips for a N-frame Smith & Wesson square-butt. These came on a S&W model 28 that I bought at a local gun shop. Being a wood kinda guy , I swapped them for a set of Hogues soon after. I have had them about a year ; so a few days ago I contacted Crimson Trace to get one of the tiny allen wrenches that is used to adjust the sight. The sent me two of the wrenches , two new batteries , and new grip screws. Good folks there.

    Anyway , I would like to sell the bullets for 40.00 for either group , or 75.00 for both. Postage paid.

    Checking on Midway , they have these on sale for about 265.00 , so I am dropping my price to 175.00.

    Would like to get 175.00 for the Crimson Trace grip. Also postage paid.

    Thanks for looking , Rex :D


    S&W 28-2 001.JPG

    S&W 28-2 002.JPG

    S&W 28-2 003.JPG

    357 bullets 001.JPG





  3. I was working on a drilling rig in West Texas. When the crew that relieved us got there , one of the guys said "Did you hear that Kennedy got Shot". One of our crew said , "No, tell it to us."

    We also thought it was the lead-in to a joke. When they told us it was for real , the shock was surreal.

    I was 21 years old.

    Rex :FlagAm:

  4. 37 minutes ago, Alpo said:

    I have read that they are used for sharpening, which makes no sense. I have also read they were used for eating - just general-purpose knives. Like pulling out your pocket knife instead of your Bowie.


    That one makes a little more sense. Although why you would need two I don't know.

    Use them together like chopsticks ??

  5. 1 hour ago, Jack Spade said:

    Go check your pistols, if you don't have replacement base pins the ruger factory pins can get pushed in too far and they protrude slightly out the back of the frame into the hammer channel.  This effectively makes a hammer stop and the hammers will not fall all the way and will strike the transfer bar/firing pin light.  If you don't have extra power base pin springs you can push them past the locking notch.

    Maybe I have just been lucky. Since my first Ruger single action in 1967 , I have probably owned about 40 or 50 different ones ,and have not had that happen. Yet.

    Rex :D

  6. I have a question from reading some of the replies here. Sorry to interrupt on your thread Captain Bill Burt.

    Anyway , how could a base pin be in too far and interfere with the hammer if it is latched in place, same as it has always been in the past ??

    Curious , Rex :D

  7. The grip I have on my Airweight is one finger-groove longer than Major's. The little rubber factory grip was useless to me. It still packs without printing.

    And I agree with the responders who say shoot it a while before changing springs. It might not need it.

    Rex :D


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  8. I have been to gun shows off and on( pretty regularly in 80s , 90s 2000s up until 2019, here in Utah , in West Texas , and 4-corners area , depending where I was living at the time , and haven't ever seen very many "good deals". I kept going anyway , just enjoyed the browsing.

    Have seen the same items on dealers tables over several shows , they must enjoy just hauling them around.

    Gun Show is about the worst place to look for a reasonable priced firearm. Once in a while one can be bought reasonable off Gun Broker , but you have to spend a lot of time looking to find them. Local gunshop or Sporting goods chain stores are usually a better bet. Sometimes a Pawn shop will surprise you with a decent deal.

    Good luck in your search ,

    Rex :D

  9. We have a beef-barley soup several times in Fall/Winter , made with hamburger also.

    When I read the title of this thread I was picturing my entire place covered in Cottonwood leaves. After last night's wind and rain , it is. Along with a good shedding by the Willows. 

    Rex :D , who will soon be raking and sacking.:P

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  10. The novel by Alan Geoffrion is a good read , also.

    Side note: Near the end of the movie , when Tom shoots a bad guy with his 66 , did you notice it has no front sight.

    Of course , I immediately pointed this out to my wife , who was not amused. Or impressed.

    Rex :D

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  11. Some years back , 2016 or 2017 , at the Texas State Championship match , I broke the rear sight blade off my 73 when I laid it down on the first stage. Ended up shooting the match clean. I think 12 stages , not sure.

    In this game the front sight is critical.

    Rex :D

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  12. 1 hour ago, Possum Skinner, SASS#60697 said:

    If I end up having to buy a new tumbler, I think I might try a wet tumbler.

    I think you will be happy if you go that way. I haven't used my vibratory cleaner in years. Have been plenty satisfied with rotary tumbler and ceramic media since about 1992 or 1993.

    Rex :D

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  13.  Sold all my 44 Russian brass , going with all 44 Special now. No longer need this set. Does not come with shellholder , and I haven't a spare to add.

    Asking 75.00 , shipped CONUS.

    If that seems a bit steep for dies , they are 87.00 at Midway , plus shipping , and none available.

    Thanks for looking ,

    Rex :D


    RCBS  44 Russian -Special Dies 001.JPG

    RCBS  44 Russian -Special Dies 002.JPG

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