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  1. I think Victorian era dress and (somewhat) manners with a lot of hard work, dust, whiskey, and guns. just about the same time frame GG ~
  2. Received the word that I am the only person signed up for PRG. C’mon fellas, load them cases up and join the fray! GG~
  3. Off topic….it was nice to meet ya during EOT Johnny Knight! GG ~
  4. I support the right to bear arms, or in this case carry, however a person feels comfortable doing so. If OC is legal in their state and a person wants to carry in that "fashion" () I support their right to do so. GG ~
  5. Only one guy holding a beer - nah, this ain't the group GG ~
  6. There were probably around 5+ different cameras (including cell phones) that took a picture of all of us....we'll see if something turns up. Good time with a great group of folks. GG ~
  7. Howdy - was looking to see if anyone has the posse# 14 group photo from EOT. Want to get a print made for framing. Thanks for any direction. GG ~
  8. Any petroleum based lube is no friend to real BP. GG~
  9. They sure did. Great folks with hospitality through the roof!!! GG~
  10. Great match and time. EOT will hold fond memories. Met many new folks I’ve only known through the Wire. Sorry I missed ya. Safe travels. GG~
  11. Maybe Bullets by Scarlett? Cast Lead Bullets, Cowboy Shooting - Bullets By Scarlett | Bullets By Scarlett GG ~
  12. Yup - several - the official photographer was BT Blade and he was roaming the match often. Another great photographer out there was Not Jo Average Action Photography that has great shots as well. (10) Not Jo Average Action Photography | Facebook Sure many pictures between these two and others will be available soon. GG ~
  13. Rotating would be great, but as mentioned capacity limits and club willingness are key. Wonder if Bluewater Sportsman Club in Port Huron might be able to handle this if Michigan was ever considered. Anyway, as a first time EOT participant I had such a good time. Getting a little emotional when I think about it. Thank you SASS and all the people involved. My imagination probably is small compared to reality of what it takes to manage such an incredible event like this. Paradise Pass is an awesome venue. GG ~
  14. Paradise Pass did a great job of mapping the parking. Sadly some Individuals did break the protocols - whether participant or visitor. I saw folks trying to make their own parking “arrangements”. People are people and at times suck at being cordial. Reality says, people can show much idiocy at the best moments. GG
  15. Had a blast. Met and shot with super folks. Mother Nature threw a curve ball of heavy rain for the last two days, but the End of Trail /Paradise Pass team knocked it out of the park in keeping the scheduled events going. Congrats to all the winners, participants, vendors, and the behind the scenes folks. Thanks EOT 2021. PS, Gatling Guns are sweet! FullSizeRender.mov
  16. My first EOT. Impressed with the whole shebang and the folks behind the scenes. Really glad to meet pards I have only known through the Wire. What a blessing. GG~
  17. America's New Drone Killer Blasts Targets With Stringy Pink Stuff (msn.com)
  18. No little green men from outer space exist. We are it folks - and am not sure that the term "intelligent life" applies to us these days.... GG ~
  19. The latest update: Who's Coming - Waitllist 6.7.2021.pdf (sassnet.com)
  20. ^This is correct. Would not load a smokeless load in my 50-140 cartridges and send it through the Badger Barreled C Sharps ‘74
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