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  1. I tend to think it would be like a 12ga hitting a gallon jug of water. A lot of open wound mess. Check this out with gelatin (no liquid) - the slo-mo really tells a tale: GG ~
  2. This post was not intended to talk about the case. Regardless it’s obvious there was some forgiveness here. GG
  3. Pretty cool side story. https://onenewsnow.com/church/2019/10/04/grace-extended-grace-received?fbclid=IwAR1nHcvMWhBp2xSA6J7rZj1JJAErDXLiSBWyO2lPTxK6cWRSSftqg3GtVn4#.XZeS-Cn8t9I.facebook GG ~
  4. I have no problem with what the judge did. It was great moment of humanity. Of course, like the protesters, there are always dissenters and folks who pick out ‘problems’ of what people do - even in acts of compassion and grace. God bless all involved. https://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/us/2019/october/atheist-group-files-complaint-about-texas-judges-bible-gift-hug-to-convicted-murderer?cpid=:ID:-35477-:DT:-2019-10-03-18:10:20-:US:-SW1-:CN:-CP1-:PO:-NC1-:ME:-SU1-:SO:-FB1-:SP:-NW1-:PF:-TX1- GG
  5. Please no comments about the case verdict - just wanted to share a beautiful moment. Surprised it was allowed, but glad it happened.
  6. Male and Female - that's it. Of course as with anything there are rare TRUE anomalies that happen ...and those folks should be addressed with compassion and understanding. These other folks claiming to be 'non-binary' or some other freakish 'gender' with DNA that explains exactly what they are? No further comment. GG ~
  7. Been using silicon in my 6-year + old Doc Noper rig when needed with no ill effects and works great. GG ~
  8. I PREFER good ole heavily marbled grain feed beef. GG ~
  9. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/house-dems-push-for-assault-weapons-ban?fbclid=IwAR3eu_vM3qIWQFHtWwDWeiP5R1prswtzIX-drlyRHiOZQ6GWSmYrzaZEzxs GG
  10. I'm a gunfighter - shooting DD is no big deal if a stage calls for it. GG ~
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