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  1. Fan of the Mini-14, but the AR? - like mine....wing, ping, zing, zong, and anything else it comes with complimentary. GG ~
  2. https://onenewsnow.com/legal-courts/2019/11/27/supremes-rule-on-lawsuit-over-firearm-purchased-online GG ~
  3. Give an inch - they take a mile. No IMHO GG ~
  4. Been there - done that (lived there for 34 years). Of course for newly planted folks in California I agree it's a neat thing. GG ~
  5. California is not as great as it was - in fact the Golden State is rather tarnished... However, what God has provided - weather and geography is the extent of what is still great. Speaking on the SoCal front (of which I visit family and friends every year) - it is over-crowded, over-built, over-regulated, suffer the loss of Constitutional freedoms, and the political climate is horrible. Still a nice place to visit though, but to live? well, do what you need to do to be happy. That's all I'll say. GG ~
  6. ....my comment was only about SCOTUS. Doubt we will get beyond the nine justices. Of course if that happens that probably means the end of the electoral college too....: Which also means the end of the United States of America. The reality is that in the next few years if this gets back to the Supreme Court they will rule in Remington’s favor. GG
  7. When it eventually gets back to SCOTUS the ruling will favor Remington. GG ~
  8. Excellence displayed! - the word "fast" doesn't even cover it. GG ~
  9. Hot water to clean and liberal amounts of Balistol. Wipe the surface and good to go. That's it. Works great on my Rugers, 1860 Uberti, 1873 Uberti, 1894 Marlin, and 1892 Rossi (SS) GG ~
  10. I tend to think it would be like a 12ga hitting a gallon jug of water. A lot of open wound mess. Check this out with gelatin (no liquid) - the slo-mo really tells a tale: GG ~
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