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  1. Fair enough - you have your opinion, I have mine and we both have ...rear openings. Happy trails to ya.... GG ~
  2. We can 'disagree', but fibbin' ain't good....if you want to play this game No - HERE is your original quote you edited from my post earlier as it came in my email! "I joined in 1998, I guess they don't care about my support! They took my money and gave me a new paper card! Thanks SASS!!"
  3. Great post and thank you to the SASS Organization for standing strong or as Deuce put it "walks the walk". GG ~
  4. ...... https://blog.theanimalrescuesite.greatergood.com/glitter-balls/?utm_source=glp-hobby&utm_medium=paid-affiliate&utm_campaign=glitter-balls&fbclid=IwAR3s2r5jk4FnZlCG3YGSbZ7gebrJchBJrVOQhkycFBx3TPFKeSYFlH6OmIk GG ~
  5. Ok, you want me to post your original comment?? Also, you are WRONG when you feel that “asking”* equates to begging in this case. Big time wrong. *”asking” meaning reaching out to SASS headquarters and seeing what the program is all about and the process of getting pins to members. GG
  6. Disagree all you want (you have a right to be wrong ), but your original post was somewhat disparaging to SASS. Glad you edited it. Have a a good day. GG
  7. Figured as such.... FWIW: Asking about it is not "begging". Before you complain about something publicly (yes, I saw your original post) you should find out the facts first. SASS Headquarters has a process in getting these out - so in time you will get it if you don't reach out to them prior. GG ~
  8. Have you called them or emailed the SASS office? I will wager you haven't GG ~
  9. Thanks SASS! It's been a pleasure and as long as I am above ground will continue to be so....
  10. Hmmmm...member since 1996....no pin for me GG ~
  11. Both have their merits - concealed mostly more so. Either way if a person wants to exercise their right so be it. However and wherever one does so they should be considerate of the people and surroundings. Respect goes a long way in our fight to defend our rights. GG
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