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  1. Yup - they use both Badger and Green Mountain barrels (mine is a Badger version) http://csharpsarms.com/page.php?content_id=14 GG ~
  2. Back in 2005 I bought a C Sharps in 50-140. Why? Well, I didn't buy it to shoot any competition with it - just for fun. It's only been shot about 10 times. I reckon I just like looking at too from time to time. My inspiration is two-fold: First, I loved Quigley so that inspiration was there. Second? My grandpa owned a big ranch outside Tucson (X9 Ranch in Vail, AZ) and he was a big fella - 6'4". When he passed he left us grandkids a little money. So to honor him and have a keepsake to pass down - I bought the biggest caliber that C Sharps made. We all have our reasons to get a Sharps. Here is the video of me shooting it 7 years after it was made . No target, just having fun. It was about a 12 weeks lead time from deposit to shipped rifle to me.
  3. If one is looking for a new USA made version of the 1885: http://csharpsarms.com/catalog-category/11/1885-Highwall-Rifles.html?page=0 GG ~
  4. Have tried most all powders - cheap and expensive- in various granulations.....MY opinion is: 2f GOEX does it all for cowboy action shooting pistol, rifle, shotgun needs. GG ~
  5. https://www.ranchflip.com/ranch/208241 GG ~
  6. Shiloh machines their receivers from castings and makes their own barrels. C Sharps machines their receivers from billet stock and uses Badger barrels. BOTH are USA Made excellent works of craftsmanship. as far as caliber - will leave that up to recommendations from pards GG ~
  7. Heyya Lumpy....you’re still #49458 either way. Do what you need to do. GG
  8. We need "cowboy zombie" targets - that's the hot thing of the day! GG ~
  9. Just call the SASS office and they will fill you in on the details of the pin program. GG ~
  10. I support a person's right to legally and responsibly carry open or concealed. The whole 'tactically right' thing is for them to decide. GG ~
  11. This will be a good'n https://www.breitbart.com/entertainment/2019/09/03/ted-cruz-accepts-alyssa-milanos-challenge-to-debate-gun-violence/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&fbclid=IwAR3YKlocc9oASxfFJdrDUb0ZFekOYyRpFiaHY8amt9VgoHHZrJmZF9nkNs8 GG ~
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