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  1. I am using Alliant Extra-Lite with Alliant's lowest published powder charge. See http://www.alliantpowder.com/reloaders/default.aspx?page=/reloaders/index.aspx&. Reclaimed shot, Cheddite primers and Claybuster wads can lower your reloading costs. I prefer Remington STS hulls. I buy my hulls once-fired from a local shotgun reloading retailer. I do reload Winchester AA hulls given to me but don't purchase used AA hulls.
  2. Like GJ I once owned a Winchester 94. Mine was chambered for .357 mag. I bought it when my main match rifle was unavailable for a major match. Fortunately it was reliable though quite clunky. It was also very accurate. I sold it to a fellow who lived in a rural area and wanted it for home defense and pest control. It should be very good for those tasks. It was just too slow for CAS.
  3. The Ruger mags have metal lips. Some of the aftermarket mags I bought before the Ruger mags were available had plastic lips. Not only did the aftermarket mags feed poorly but their lips where chipped after use.
  4. The only factory ammo I've seen shot are .22 long rifle, smokeless shotgun shells and ammo someone won off a prize table. Some of the shooters at EOT who fly in from overseas buy factory ammo for pickup at the match. I agree with Shooting Bull that 38 Specials loaded with a 125 grain bullet would be a good choice - just load them long enough to cycle reliably in a Marlin. You could sell black powder shotgun shells if you could get your price well below a dollar a shell.
  5. I've spent some time in the former Soviet Union. The gun handling you noticed is consistent with a much looser approach to safety and security there than we have in the western world. Traffic safety, electrical safety, tripping hazard elimination, sanitation and security lighting are all poorer in the former Soviet Union.
  6. I normally use a shotshell belt with two rounds per pouch. However when I need to carry more than eight rounds I wear a canvas belt with single loops.
  7. Sixgun Shorty published a farewell in this thread: http://www.sassnet.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=221879&hl=%2Bsixgun+%2Bshorty
  8. I got a pair paid for in full by United Health Care on a deluxe policy. Later I switched to Blue Cross/Blue Shield and got another pair. Your audiologist needs to know how to make a claim that an insurance company will pay. Some advertise they know how to do so.
  9. Aids with bluetooth capability offer useful features. Mine have a telecoil mode where my cell phone can broadcast a signal to the hearing aids. The sound is much clearer than one gets listening to the cell phone speaker. I did not have good luck with Costco aids. On two different pairs the speakers failed after three months of use.
  10. If possible find a revolver for her to handle. Some shooters love birds head grips and some don't. I think handguns are like shoes. Try them for fit before making a purchase.
  11. I was thinking about a commute. However thinking about cleaning a plate rack from 35 miles is interesting. Maybe some of DARPA's Exacto bullets would work.
  12. Snakebite, consider booking a motel along the Rio Grande in ABQ. (There are some nice properties Downtown in the valley bottom.) The elevation there is about 1,800 feet lower than the ranch and the air is less thin. That might help you.
  13. I camped on row seven next to large group of So Cal SASS campers. They ate, drank, partied and some even shot well. Besides your friends from home, EOT draws shooters from all over the world. Shoot and party with Kiwis, Norwegians, Germans, numerous Texans (including the Dooley Gang) and plenty of Canadians. It's a unique match worthy of your attendance.
  14. Ground is broken and the grading underway. The address will be 8 Marietta Court; Edgewood, New Mexico. The location is just south of the freeway behind the Tractor Supply Company and is just 6 miles from the Founders Ranch front gate using paved roads. See this local news article: http://www.mvtelegraph.com/news/new-hotel-coming-to-edgewood/article_693007d6-d9bd-11e5-b349-97478eef6537.html. May 14, 2016 update: Grading is complete. Some curbing is complete and pillars for exterior lighting have been poured with wiring showing. No foundation poured yet. Aug 20, 2016 update: There is little apparent progress. The only change I saw was the site is now fenced. Other than that the site looks like it did back in May. Sept. 4, 2016 update: No change since my last visit to the construction site other than weeds are growing undisturbed. Nov. 12, 2016 update: construction underway with walls going up. See the following video.
  15. SASS is full of volunteers. Volunteers hold local, state, regional, divisional and the National Championship. At EOT lots of Waddies do grunge work and volunteers run the side matches, serve as Posse Marshalls and match officials. SASS needs clerical staff and a business manager to take care of the organization. I don't mind paying them. Misty' salary was published once. There are better jobs available at higher salary than she receives.
  16. Great information that deserves to be published in the Cowboy Chronicle.
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